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Badass Is The New Black (Season 3) Episode #41 Why Recruiting 30 People In 30 Days Doesn’t Generate Sustained Growth And What You Actually Need

small business growth and marketing strategies Mar 14, 2022
BNB 41 | Sustained Growth

Sustained growth isn’t just about enrolling a ton of people onto your team or signing up a mass amount of clients. Are you executing the right strategies that drive sustained growth for your business? Krissy Chin dedicates this episode to tell us what we actually need to do it. She explains why focusing on recruiting can actually damage your business by holding you back from paying attention to two major things that make all the difference. Tune into this episode to gain valuable insights on how you can generate sustained growth in your organization!


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Why Recruiting 30 People In 30 Days Doesn’t Generate Sustained Growth And What You Actually Need

Many people think that if they can enroll a ton of people onto their team or sign up a mass amount of customers and clients, then they will be able to build a ton of momentum, and it will be the answer to reaching the next rank, building a massive team or business. That's not the case. While you do need to be good at marketing, sales, and being able to recruit people and bring in new clients to purchase your products, being that rock star recruiter doesn't allow you to scale your business. It doesn't mean that you are going to have a massive team or customer base because you recruited 30 people in 30 days or 100 people in 90 days.

If you are solely focusing on recruiting, it may be damaging to your business. You are likely missing out on two major things that are going to have you stuck. We are going to discuss this topic. I'm going to break it down a little bit and tell you how to avoid getting stuck in your network marketing or coaching business and what two things most people are missing when building a scalable business. When these two things are partnered with your recruiting skills, you can then build a massive empire in either your network marketing or coaching business.

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The “Rockstar Recruiter” Myth

Let's dive into our episode topic, which is why being a rock star recruiter doesn't mean massive growth in your affiliate marketing, network marketing, or even coaching business. Many people out there teach you how to be a rock star recruiter, how to sign up 30 people in 30 days, and how to sign up 100 people in 100 days. While that is great and amazing because you now have 30 or 100 new people purchasing, it doesn't mean sustained growth and even a sustained business.


I have a bit of natural skill in being a good salesperson. I can hear someone, and I have gotten so much better since I have developed this skill, learned a lot more, I had coaches and whatnot. It came pretty naturally to me when I had no experience in this and got started in network marketing. That was the beginning-ish of my entrepreneurial journey. What I had was the skill to hear someone talk and ask them what was going on with them with the problems they were having, hear what they were saying, and offer a solution with my products to help solve their problem.

I had that skill, so I did sign up a lot of people in my network marketing business in a relatively short amount of time. Fast forward a year later, so many of those people had fallen off of my team, and it wasn't because I wasn't good at what I was doing. I was good at what I was doing but I was missing a major piece to the formula or two pieces. One major piece of that formula was the support after they signed up.

I remember thinking, “I'm supporting them. I'm here for them. I'm available. If they have questions, they can reach out to me. If people aren't reaching out to me, they must not have any questions.” It was almost like I helped them sign up, I was good at signing them up, and then I was like, “You are good. I'm sure if you have questions, you will come to find me." That wasn't the case. What I realized that I was missing was ongoing support after they signed up.

When you get started in network marketing, I was the type of person that when I started, I’ve got my products and wanted to put them all to use within the first week. I actively tried to figure out how I could use them and use them to benefit my family. Naturally, I thought and felt like everyone else would be the same way. It was my job to sign them up, get their products to their house, and they would take it from there. If they needed me, I was here but they would do it. They would be go-getters. They would dive in, try things out, ask questions when needed, and get the resources and look them up.

I realized quickly that it was not the case. Most people would purchase the products, and the products would sit there and wouldn't get used, which means they wouldn't need to order again because they weren't using the products. They wouldn't have any positive transformations, so they wouldn't get excited, try new things, and share with other people. Therefore, while my business was growing because I was signing some people up and making money, I had to continuously be hustling and sign people up.

Customers need to go through a process that onboards them.

After a year of this, it hit me when these people started falling off. If you are in network marketing, they have to renew and drop off your team if they are not. It's the same if you are in your coaching. You coach these people, bring them in, maybe they are students on your course, and never hear from them again because they didn't get the proper support they needed. After doing network marketing, coaching people like you, offering courses, and having memberships, I realized the power of ongoing support and holding people accountable.

The Onboarding Process

If you know me, you know that I like to be efficient and have free time. It's very important to me to have a system and a process set up to make what needs to happen to offer support simple and easy, not only for me but one of the key things is it's simple and easy for them as well. First and foremost, you need to have an onboarding process for your new customers. The first part of providing that support to them is an onboarding process where they can get the information that they need to use their products or whatever you have sold them and feel supported.

I love calling it a process because it means that we can do it in a way that is efficient and have a very particular onboarding process. When someone gets trained when they start at any job, you could be at a grocery store and be a bagger. There’s an onboarding process and things that you need to learn to know to be able to do your job or what you need to do. We can provide the same support to our new customers, whether it's the physical products we are giving them or a digital product.

They need that onboarding process. We, as business owners, need a specific process that we can follow so it is efficient and effective. One thing that you can do is come up with that process that you want every new customer to go through when they get started with you. To be honest, I don't care if it's your network marketing business, affiliate products or digital courses that you are selling. When you bring in a new customer, regardless of what the product is that they have purchased from you, they need to go through a process that onboards them.

The onboarding process will look different based on what it is that they have purchased from you, whether they are physical products in your network marketing business, digital products through your regular coaching business or a service that you are providing. It's going to look a little bit different but the idea and the concept are the same. Think about this process that someone needs to go through to get them started so that they feel supported and don't feel lost. I want you to think about how you can present this process to someone so that it can be very efficient for you.


If you have been reading for a while, you know that I love automation. What part of this process can be automated for you? What part can happen on autopilot where something gets triggered, and it starts that onboarding process for them without you having to show up and do a million calls with people, write emails that go out to welcome them, or give them that first next step? What is it that you can make this process simple for you? This is something that I do in-depth training on in our Digital Duplication Academy in Phase 3.

Education And Support

It's all about the onboarding process so that it's not only efficient for you because you are busy but also effective. Once you get them on board and get them the information that they need to get started, it's very important that the next part of your process is this ongoing education and support that you can offer. What kind of support does someone need to get a good result with your product or service? I don't care if it's your physical product, digital product or a service that you provide to someone.

What is the support they need to take them through this journey they are on? What is the support that they need to have that transformational outcome that they can't stop talking about? This is super valuable for your business. If you are mastering your marketing and sales skills, leveraging a website to build an email list to get in front of more people, and recruiting and signing up more customers but you are not doing these steps, you are going to fall short. They are going to be one-time customers. They are not going to provide these transformational testimonials for you or refer you to anyone else or these products to anyone else.

That's where your business, regardless it's network marketing or coaching, can get stuck. We don't have the time, energy, and space to hustle and recruit. We need to have these other pieces. How do we do it in a scalable way? We don't have the time to meet one-on-one with 1,000 people every month. What are some of the things that you can do to scale your support? They are going to need that ongoing education and support to be able to connect with someone and with you, maybe.

One, you can support people on a community level. This is scalable. A lot of people have had Facebook communities for a while. In Digital Duplication, we teach you how to take that Facebook community and bring it onto your website. You do not have to use social media anymore, and you can have everything behind private doors on your website. Being able to support people in that community setting allows you to help people individually but others will be helped by you helping others if that makes sense.

Here's an example. We do Office Hours for our GROworkspace business. We also do Office Hours for our Digital Duplication Academy students. That means that people can register for these Office Hours, come and attend, ask questions live, and get coaching from me, Claire, and other people on the team in those specialties. They get to ask personal and individualized questions. They are getting some individualized one-on-one care but the magic here and what makes this scalable, doable, and beneficial for everybody? It’s you, that person getting one-on-one support, and everyone else in attendance is that other people are hearing these questions and the answers.

Develop that natural skill in being a good sales person.

What does that do for them? What that does is it either turns a light bulb on that's like, “I would never have thought to ask that question, and now I have the answer,” or it can spark other new ideas like, “Now that I have heard that, that makes me think of this other thing.” They can ask questions. It also gives people the permission to come on and ask the questions that they want and the opportunity to get some personalized help without you having to set up a 1-hour and a 30-minute session here and fill up your calendar. Let's get these questions in.

I've got tips to make sure it's efficient, and you get things beforehand so that you can review them. It can run efficiently and smoothly, and you can get a lot of people. We talk about that in DDA. Another thing that you can do, and I highly recommend is having regular education happening. It's important to have some public-facing education happening regularly so that you can build your email list. That would be something like a podcast, blog, doing live videos, regular masterclasses, and training.

It's regular education to build your list and audience. What I'm doing is regular education. I'm here, I'm teaching you something, and I can teach you about something that's going to be helpful for you in building your business. You are going to come regularly, learn, and get more information. It's also important to have ongoing education for the people behind the private doors or the people that have become customers with you.

The shift changes. Instead of this front end, where you are trying to get them to do something and become a customer, now the focus ends. They have become the customer, and you want them to use those products to get those transformations that they want and want them to have. Get them to become a referral source for you or fall in love, and they become a brand partner with you and start building your team with you.

What kind of education are you doing for those who have purchased from you? What marketing are you doing to let them know that you have this education for them in your community so that they know what's available? Not only that they know it's available but also what it's going to be about so that they can decide if they want to put it on their calendar or not. Not everyone will be able to attend every single event, a little webinar that you have or read every little thing you put up in your educational center.


Hone in on those marketing skills so that you can say, “This is who this is for. This is what I'm going to teach you. If you are interested in that, come attend with me.” This is something that we cover deeply in Digital Duplication Academy, all in Phase 3. You can start thinking about this stuff now. Number one, they set your customer up for success, which is your biggest priority. If you don't have customers that see the benefits from what you are offering and selling them, then you won't have a long-term business and a lifelong customer. When your customers use the product or show up and do the work, they will get better results. Like you and your business, what you put in, you will get out.

Having the onboarding process gives your new customer a chance to become a lifelong customer in their journey. It's the first step to fostering this lifelong customer. The ongoing support and education allow the relationship to foster into something more than a one-time and repeat customer. People will need a little bit more support than others. We know that some people need more handholding than other people and that's okay. You will have the time, energy, and space to do that handholding when you need to for certain people because you have figured out this process to do this mass education, community support, and whatnot.

You are totally capable of providing ongoing support to people at different levels and places in their journey. Overall, doing these two things helps your business generate that reoccurring income you want. This can be applied to your physical affiliate products, digital products or services. If they use it, then there is a high probability that they will have a positive outcome if they follow through and use whatever it is that you are selling, and maybe even reach that transformation point that they want.

Transforming Clients Into Lifelong Customers

When they reach that transformation, two things are going to happen. One, they become lifelong customers of yours and a way for you and your business to grow in two different ways. One way is that you have a new testimonial that you can use to promote and share your products. We know that social proof through testimonials helps sell whatever you are selling. If you have missed that episode on testimonials, you can go back and read How to Get Great Testimonials for Your Business.

The best-case scenario is that they become someone who refers you to other people. In your network marketing business, that looks a little bit different. They become a brand partner with you and start building their team. If it's in your coaching business and you have an affiliate program, maybe they become referrals and affiliates through whatever you are offering. If you don't offer that, people will direct and refer you to other people if they have had a good experience and that transformation with you.

The goal is not to be a superstar recruiter.

Not only do you get a repeat customer where if you are selling digital courses, they are going to buy that next course in your product suite but they are also going to tell other people in their network how awesome it was. If they need help with whatever they’ve got help with, “Go see Krissy. Sign up for Digital Duplication Academy.” This is how you build momentum in your business, reoccurring income, and how you scale on a bigger level.

It's not just by hustling to get that one-time sale or recruit as many people as you can in 30 days but by providing a system, process, culture, and atmosphere to create those lifelong customers that turn into brand partners for your network marketing team, affiliates for your program, referrals or people telling other people about you.

If you follow my social stories, you will see my students will post on their social media and talk about their success, “My course is launching soon. I'm so grateful for Krissy, my coach. I couldn't have done it without her.” They could but it would have taken a very long time, and it wouldn't be as effective. They post on their social stories and then tag me.

I reshare it on my social Stories and give them a shoutout and kudos. A couple of things are happening here. I'm getting a testimonial from them. They share my name with their network, essentially referring me to other people. By me resharing it, I'm getting a testimonial from them, which is beneficial for my business.

This is why it's important to help people get the actual transformation. You can't do that without a good onboarding and educational process. If you have had customers who have had this transformational process without you creating this onboarding process, ongoing education, community support, and extra support, it's because they were one of those random people like me and maybe like you that was that go-getter. Also, that person that was like, “It's here. I'm excited. I'm going to dive in. I'm going to finish that course. I'm going to do everything.” That's not everyone.


The goal is not to be a superstar recruiter where you the hustle and bustle to sign up the next person. My goal for you, what I want to teach you, how to do here on this show, and everything that I do is how to grow your list and develop your marketing and sales skills so that you can turn your list into customers. Also, how to turn those customers into lifelong customers, turn those people to generate referrals, and create more business for you.

As soon as this episode is done, I want you to sit back and look at your business, whether it's network marketing, you are promoting your digital products or a coach, and you've got a service, a group program or whatever it is. I want you to think about that process after you bring someone on board. What are you doing? Do you have a specific onboarding process that you have? If you do, is it automated? Are you doing it in a scalable way? If the answer is no, then you need to take a look at that. If it's no to all of those things, then you need to come up with a plan for that onboarding process and a process.

I want you to ask yourself, what does your support look like? Are you providing regular support and education? Do they know how to get that support from you? Hint. It's a secret tip that happens in your onboarding process. You get them queued up for that. If the answers are no, then you need to do that. If the answers are yes and you are providing extra education and ongoing support, are people taking you up on that support? If the answer is no, then maybe you are not doing a very good job marketing it or you need to spend a little bit more time reaching people individually to get them to the plugin.

Maybe you didn't have this onboarding process when they’ve got started, so they don't know what's available, how to access it, how to access you and get the support that they need. You have to go back and do some cleanup work while you are getting your new onboarding process onboard for the new people that come in. If you feel like, “These are great things but I have no idea what I'm doing. I want to have a better system and process that's automated. I want to learn how to do this and do it well, effectively, and efficiently,” then I highly recommend that you get on the waitlist for Digital Duplication Academy. Phase 3 is dedicated to all of this exact stuff.

It's in-depth training on how to set up your onboarding process, what to include, so it's effective, and how to set it up in a way that is efficient for you and your customer. We provide templates that speed this process up, so you don't have to come up with every single word from scratch. You have a starting point, which is super helpful and helps you build at lightning speed. There are more in-depth training and templates on ongoing support and educating in an effective way.

It fosters lifelong customers and teaches you how to move your private community from Facebook or social media onto a private area in your website so that your customers can get better results. This was designed for network marketers and then I realized, “All this stuff is the same stuff that I do for my coaching business.” The Digital Duplication Academy is perfect not only for network marketers and affiliate marketers but also for coaches that want to build and scale their business online.

That is it in a nutshell. If you want to jump in on the waitlist, I highly recommend it for Digital Duplication Academy. Go to You will see a couple of buttons there. You can select which one is best for you, whether you are a network marketer or a coach so that you can get on the right waitlist. If you also want to attend the live masterclass that I am going to be hosting soon, go ahead and jump over to to get on How to Build a Wildly Profitable Website Without Knowing a Thing About Tech. I will see you there.

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