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Badass Is The New Black (Season 4) Episode #1- 3 Growth Strategies That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level with Beate Chelette

small business growth and marketing strategies Mar 14, 2022
BNB 1 | Growth Strategies to Grow Your Business

Beate Chelette is a Growth Architect and the Founder of The Women’s Code.  She is passionate about building businesses that serve others, make an impact and instantaneously create abundance. She went from a stressed out, overwhelmed single mother and immigrant in America with over $135,000 in debt to failing her way to astounding success.  Beate is sharing with us today the main growth strategies we need to focus on in order grow and succeed in our businesses. 


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3 Growth Strategies You Need to Know To Grow Your Business with Beate Chelette

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Growth Architect, Beate Chelette. Beate is the founder of the Woman’s Code and she is passionate about helping others build a meaningful business that makes a big impact and creates a ripple effect of abundance in the world. Beate’s own story is a real life “rags to riches” tale of a single mom, new to America, drowning in debt, who tried and failed for a decade until she reached astounding success. My favorite quote of hers is “there are a million ways to be successful and you only need to find one.” This idea is really what guided our time together, as she unpacked the keys you need to find your own way to success. 


Never Back Off On That Which Makes You Different

Beate talks a lot about the importance of connecting our passion and our personality. Many of us shy away from showing up as our true selves around others. We tend to apologize for those quirky things that make us unique, that cause us to stand out in a crowd. However, those are the exact traits that end up being our biggest strengths. Why do we hide them? Take what makes you unique from others and, as Beate says “double down! We never back off on that which makes you different.” When you know who you really are, what makes you so incredibly unique, you take that and connect it with your passion. Beate calls this the Unapologetic Value Proposition or UVP. 


Because the way you show up in the world needs to be intricately connected to who you are as a person.


The First Step is Always the Same

So where do we start? How do we figure out what makes us unique and how to connect that to  passion? Many of us have some idea what our strengths and weaknesses are, what we get passionate about, but we still feel lost. I asked Beate what the first step would be for someone just starting out and she replied, unsurprisingly, with MINDSET. If that’s not what you wanted to hear, I’m sorry but you need to hear it the most! Beate was very clear that anyone she has ever met who has had any level of success says the exact same thing. She defined mindset as “holding yourself accountable to the quality of your thoughts,” by practicing the “habit of mindset” or “clean thinking.” These habits include:

  • Starting your day with a good podcast (like Badass is the New Black)
  • Reading books
  • Listening to positive or motivating music
  • Considering who you spend your time with
  • Making sure the input into your brain is the highest quality

Controlling your thoughts is not always so easy. If you’re like me, you have those moments of doubt, moments when you feel like others are doing it better than you. Beate shared her insights into some of those common mindset pitfalls that we all face. 


Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

We all do it. We see what others are doing, how good they are, how successful, and it just sucks the wind right out of our sails. Beate shared that what we should be focusing on is what we DO have and not what we lack. Instead of feeling back because of how well others are doing, turn your focus to counting all the ways you have already succeeded. As she said to one of her clients “it’s time to put your big boy pants on” and “stop running around looking at all the other people” to see if you measure up “to some book you read….just let it go.”  This is so important for us all to grasp. It is the people who learn to show themselves some grace, to learn as you go, modify and move on, that will be the most successful. So what if you needed a different path from that person? We need to let that go.


It’s Time to Fail Your Way to Success

Failure is a big part of Beate’s story and I think that is what makes her message so powerful. We have been taught to view failure as a bad thing, as something to fear. Instead, we need to use our problem solving skills and find another way. Failure is not life’s way of telling you to give up. I love how Beate puts it when she says “these are just markers on the road where somebody stands with a stop sign and says, ‘this is not the right way.’ And all you need to do is go, ‘oh, it's not the right way’ and find another way to do it. But people stand in front of that stop sign and they just spend hours and days and weeks and months and years in front of that stop sign and they yell at it ‘go move!’. The stop sign is not going to move. You have to move.”

The stop sign is not going to move. You have to move.

But how do we know what to do? How do we find those solutions, those new ideas to get around the stop sign? Beate pointed out that some people are addicted to confusion. They just repeat “I don’t understand, I don’t get it, I don’t know,” over and over. You have to want an answer in order to find it. If you are scared to move forward in your life, you will remain in that confused state. The problem solving part of your brain doesn’t kick in until you put yourself at risk. You have to take that first step forward, and then you’ll see what the next step is. The more you build your confidence, the easier that will get, but you will still hear those doubts in your head questioning if you can really do this. Keep moving forward!


The Five Star Blueprint to Success

As a Growth Architect, Beate teaches what she calls the Five Star Blueprint to Success, which boils down to:

  1. The Idea - What is it that you do, who wants it, why is it needed?
  2. The Offer 
  3. The Systems, or Strategy
  4. The Doing
  5. The Leader - now it’s time for you to step into leadership

What holds people back from working through these steps is being indecisive. “You just don’t trust that the decision you’re about to make is the right one so you keep looping in confusion because you don’t want to make a decision, so make the damn decision!” Whenever people tell me that they feel overwhelmed I respond by saying “it sounds like you need to make a decision.” 


Mindset, Skillset, Actionset 

We spent a lot of time covering mindset because it really does impact our ability to move to the other two steps. However, it’s a life long process and you don’t want to stall your ability to take action because you are forever working on your mindset. The next step we should be pursuing is SKILLSET. Do we have the skills we need to grow our business to the level of success we aspire to? What do we need to learn? What steps can we take to always be developing and honing our skills? Sometimes that might mean investing some money into taking a course or coaching with someone in order to develop those skills.

The last piece is the ACTIONSET. Are we being disciplined and consistent to execute the things we need to do in order to succeed? Beate says our actions need to be deliberate and consistent. It’s something we “constantly have to fine tune” so our “detachment from failure is really important.” 

Beate ended by encouraging us to take a step back and look at our mindset, our skillset and our actionset and ask ourselves where are we getting stuck? Where are we looping? Start there and then go back to your mindset and determine what is holding you back. 

I loved my chat with Beate because it really solidified all the things I have learned in my journey as well. It is so important that we allow ourselves to fail and be imperfect. Just keep moving forward, find another way, get creative and take consistent action in our business. To help you in this, I want to invite you to join me for a FREE 10 Day Mindset Challenge with my friend Brad Bizjack. It’s starting on February 21, 2022 so click the link below and opt in and I will see you in the FB group.

You can also grab Beate’s free gift, the Airtight Avatar which helps you really identify who you are here to serve and to connect your personality with your passion. 

It was so great getting to chat with Beate this week and I hope you got some great takeaways from it. Let me know which one stood out to you in the comments!


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