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Badass Is The New Black (Season 4) Episode #2- The GPS Framework to Accelerate Your Success with Brad Bizjack

small business growth and marketing strategies Mar 14, 2022
BNB 2 | GPS Framework to Accelerate Your Business

I know many of you really loved my last interview with Brad so I am excited to welcome him back to the show this week to share more of his expertise with us. Brad Bizjack is a mindset strategist, a certified high performance coach, an international inspirational speaker, a podcast host, and a personal development coach with over a decade in experience helping entrepreneurs. Today Brad is going to share his GPS Framework for your business plus we have a special opportunity for you at the end!


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The GPS Framework to Accelerate Your Success with Brad Bizjack

If you’ve been following my podcast for a while you know that I have lots of tips and strategies to help you build funnels and create a profitable website and more but without that mindset piece in place you won’t be able to reach the level you want in your business. That’s why I’m so excited to bring Brad back on the show to share his years of expertise with us. Brad and I are good friends and he has helped me so much with my mindset and growth and I am confident that if you implement what he teaches you can reach the level of success you dream of. 


I asked Brad to share with us his GPS Framework for success and what that means exactly. He uses the analogy of reaching your dreams, succeeding in your business, as if you were plotting a course into your GPS or using Google Maps to reach your destination. If only growing a business were as simple as typing your goal into Google and having it spit out the route for you! Brad encourages us to view our roadmap, our dream of reaching success as we would an epic road trip with our friends. He breaks this down into three main points.


Destination Unknown

The first issue Brad addresses with our road trip to success, is that most people “set a destination based on the current amount of gas they have in the tank.”  If I only have half a tank of gas, I’m not going to get very far on my trip. I might even end up in the middle of a field somewhere and why would I even want to start a trip that led me there? You might look at your goals and dreams and think “I don’t know how to get there” so instead you make a small plan based on what you know you can do and you don’t get very far. In fact you might even quit because the destination is not very exciting. Brad says “the only way to actually create an amazing life is to have a compelling vision that you don’t know how to get to,” because “success comes from good judgment, good judgment comes from experience and experience typically comes from bad judgment.” 


What we should be focusing on is being okay with “not knowing how we’re going to get somewhere and have our destination be so compelling …that we want to make a road trip across the country to get there.”  So in order to have an epic road trip you need to start by choosing a big, exciting destination that you don’t know how to get to and just know that you can stop for gas along the way. 


How Do I Achieve A Big Goal If I Can’t Even Achieve A Small One

It sounds so exciting to create a big scary dream for yourself, one that really lights you up but you have no idea how to do it. But what if you have trouble even coming up with an awesome destination for yourself because you haven’t managed to achieve any of your smaller goals yet? Perhaps you are feeling stuck with the “how’s” and the “what if’s”. Brad had some awesome encouragement for people dealing with this. He says the issue here is really that you are too attached to the outcome, “you are basing your worth, your happiness, your character, who you are as a person, on if or if not, you achieve that goal.” When you do this, the result is that you make small goals for yourself, and when you make small goals you likely won’t meet them because they really weren’t very exciting or challenging for you, you already knew how to do that.


Where Are You Right Now?

When we look at our success and we just see all the tiny goals we’ve never managed to achieve, we start to tell ourselves a story in our heads. You might be writing a story about how other people have it easier than you, you’re not lucky or smart enough, you’re not cut out for success, or you’re not worthy of success because you can’t even manage a small goal. It’s important to recognize those stories in our minds, identify them as false and write yourself a new story. 


You can’t get to where you are going if you don’t know where you are right now. Brad’s next step in the GPS Framework sounds obvious but it’s so important. If you want Google to give you directions to your big exciting destination, you can’t just plot in the destination, you have to tell it where you are right now! You might be thinking “that’s easy! Of course I know where I am right now.” Not if you don’t have an honest view of your current circumstances. If you tell Google that you aren’t as smart or skilled as other people, that you never complete your goals, that you haven’t had any success ever, and recite that whole negative story in your head, it’s going to plot a course based on your current location and you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere! It’s important to remember that you “need an honest look at where we’re actually at” because we can plot a course.


Embrace the Journey

The third piece to the GPS Framework is to enjoy the journey. What Brad means by this is don’t expect to get from point A to point B in a straight line at high speed. No journey is ever like that! You’ll hit speed bumps, stop signs, bad weather, maybe a cop will pull you over, you get a flat tire or have to stop to get gas. Instead of getting frustrated and burned out or just giving up altogether because things aren’t going perfectly, let go of that expectation now and enjoy the ride! Take some time to appreciate the scenery as you drive, stop to take a break, get a bite to eat, play some music, learn to laugh at those unexpected circumstances and carry on. And if life brings a storm to your journey, pull the car over, “honor the weather” because “honoring the storms in your life is a beautiful thing.” 


Brad also stressed the importance of choosing who gets to be in the car with you. If you take friends along for the trip, are they complainers? Are they people who criticize you or bring you down? Are they super negative? Or do you have your car full of people who build you up, encourage you and spur you on, who make it a fun ride and keep things positive. The journey is far more enjoyable and you are far more likely to succeed if you surround yourself with the right people.


A Masterclass on Success

I’m always so amazed at how many gold nuggets Brad drops on us during these interviews. He has so much experience helping entrepreneurs overcome their limiting mindsets and reaching their goals. He’s taken the last 10 years worth of experience  and he’s identified patterns that he sees in those who succeed and those who don’t and he’s put it all into one free masterclass that is coming up! 

In the masterclass he’s going to cover three main points I’ll outline for you here:

  1. The Success Sweet Spot - how do I actually strive for me and appreciate the journey?
  2. Anti Perfection - How do you let go of the idea that your worth is dictated by an outcome?
  3. The Magnetic Success Formula - How do you develop the level of resourcefulness needed to achieve your big dreams?


I am so excited for this class and I hope you are too! It’s happening on Wednesday, March 2nd at 10am CT and you can claim your spot in the class below!



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