Badass Is The New Black (Season 4) Episode #29 - 3 Lessons Learned in 2022 That Will Bring Joy and Prosperity in 2023

business advice business growth business strategy Dec 21, 2022
BNB 29 | Lessons learned in 2022 that will bring joy and prosperity in 2023


This week I'm looking back on 2022 and reflecting on what I have learned so that I can share my best tips with you as you plan for 2023. I learned three very important lessons this year that I think will really help you find prosperity and joy in your business in the coming year.

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3 Lessons Learned in 2022 That Will Bring Joy and Prosperity in 2023


Hello, welcome to the podcast, my friend. Oh my goodness, as we lean into the end of the year, you might be slowing down a little bit with work. Maybe you're ramping up for the holidays, you don't feel any less busy, right? Because it's like, oh, holiday stuff. I want you to start thinking about what you want in 2023. What do you want 2023 to bring for you? For some of you, you might be thinking about how you want to expand and bring in other revenue streams to your business. So I know a lot of the network marketers I've talked to out there, you want to, you're, you're doing your network marketing business, you're selling those products, and you wanna expand and bring in another revenue stream for you and your business and your brand. And I love that idea. I love helping people blend their multiple passions and draw in income on multiple passions without building a business that, or building, you know, and having multiple things that pull away from each other, rather teaching you how to build your business and, and offer multiple things that help fuel one another and build off one another. And I think that's a perfect example of someone with their network marketing, maybe physical products, and then you wanna offer something else coaching a digital product, a paid workshop, or you have a service that you provide that you wanna do.


So if you're interested in exploring more about this, then I want you to start with my free Turn Your Knowledge Into Profit worksheet. This worksheet is gonna help you get kind of realigned with your business. You're not the same person that you were when you started your business and you've got new ideas coming to you. It's gonna help give you ideas on how you could generate some other revenue streams while still falling in line with what you do already and, and what kind of revenue streams you could bring in or things you could offer that are using the knowledge that you already have and, and the skills that you already have. So it's a great worksheet to do. If you don't have a business yet, then this worksheet's gonna be great for you as well. It's an exercise that I have all of my clients do because it's such an important part of the process to getting started to make sure that you're building a business that you will love and enjoy doing because it really is a whole lot easier to make money doing something that you love versus something that you hate.


Why? Because you are willing to get up every day and do it because you love it. Maybe you already are getting up and doing something every single day because you love it and you're not getting paid for it. And so I wanna help you monetize it. And so I'm doing that. I'm helping you get started with this free guide and this free worksheet.


So go ahead and hop over to the Krissy Chin dot com slash profit. Grab that free worksheet. There's a guide in there that's also gonna teach you how you can take that knowledge, that skill that you have, generate some revenue off of it, and get started in the first 30 days, in under 30 minutes a day, and maybe bring in an extra 500 or thousand dollars in that first 30 days.


All right, let's dive into today's episode. I think this is gonna be the last podcast episode of 2022, which is kind of crazy to think about, which is why I'm wearing my sparkly New Year's shirt if you're watching on YouTube. And so I wanted to reflect on the year that we just had, 2022, and think about what it taught me and how I can use these lessons to grow in 2023. And when I thought about these, I definitely thought, okay, these are things that not only will benefit me, but they're gonna benefit you as well. And so that's why I wanted to bring them onto the podcast. So what is everything that happened in 22, 2022?


What are the lessons that we can learn for 2023? There's three things. There's so much that I learned, like we could sit here and talk for hours about all the things that I learned and I could share stories, but I really wanna touch on three things. In 2022, when I looked at everything, put 'em all down, I was like, these are the three that really, like, these were big lessons that I learned and that I had to learn in 2022 to make sure that we moved into 2023 with ease and grace and that it's gonna be one of our best years yet. 


Simple Is Best

 So number one, I'm not gonna waste any time. Simple is best. When we think about business and we think about big businesses, we think, we think it's probably pretty complicated. I wanna remind you, and I was reminded of this this year, don't overcomplicate it. We launched GROworkspace five years ago. We had our five year anniversary. I've been in entrepreneurship in some way, shape, or form for over 10 years. And I definitely noticed over the years, and in this year, particularly that as I grew, I started to overcomplicate things. I started to integrate new software programs. I was like, okay, I'm leveling up. I'm five years into this brand and this business, and I wanna do these things. I want to, you know, launch a stronger affiliate program. And so I'm gonna use Thrive Cart to do that, and I'm gonna integrate it into my Kajabi and I want to have a better emailing system and, and be able to track things a little bit better. So I'm gonna integrate Active Campaign into my Kajabi, and I wanna do an Evergreen webinar funnel. And so I'm gonna use Deadline Funnel and SEO. And we ended up integrating all of these other software platforms into our Kajabi and needed things like Zapier to have them communicate and all these things.


And there ended up being a lot of issues, a lot of things where the communication piece between the softwares didn't work properly, and then people weren't getting the products, the digital products and the courses and the things that they needed. And everything started to just feel really complicated, and it started to really feel chaotic and it started to feel overwhelming and it wasn't actually bringing up the bottom line.


And we're not in business to decrease our revenue. We are in business to grow and strengthen and generate revenue and serve our people well. And I realized in this moment when we had now, like we used to just use Kajabi, that was it for everything, for our email, our lead magnets, our website pages, our you know, course offerings, all of that for our affiliates. We even used it for our affiliates, we used it for everything. And then I got crazy and I was like, I wanna do all these fancy things and realize all the fancy things come with a price and all the complications come with a price and everything. Like I said, everything just felt overwhelming. It felt exhausting.


It felt like it was too much. It felt like it was pulling away from the big picture on what was going on. Almost like if I can get it fancier and flashier and like do all these cool things, like that's gonna help the business grow. And it was not the case. So my biggest lesson here is simple is best. We have now eliminated the majority of those other services and are kind of back to Kajabi and figuring out, okay, do we need these other things? Which ones do we need? Do we absolutely need it? We don't really need any of them except for Kajabi. And just kind of simplifying everything is we're, we're approaching it as simple as best. And it came to me one day when I was out walking the dogs. I was just, I was feeling a bit exhausted by everything going on with work.


Some things were falling through the cracks, some things weren't happening. And while yes, we were, you know, getting new students and generating some revenue, things just were feeling harder. And that wasn't what I wanted. That's not ever what I want for you. It's not what I want for me. And I was out walking the dog and I was just kind of like taking some time looking at the trees around me and the birds and the squirrels, and I just thought to myself, they just have such a simple life. It's just, they're just existing and the squirrels are out there just looking for their nuts, and it's just simple. Like they're not over complicating it. And that's when the word simple just came to me. Like, maybe I need to go back to the roots, back to the basics and just go simple again.


Because while the flashy things seem really cool, like it was just kind of deterring from even some underlying things that I wasn't noticing. And we can kind of get into that in a bit. That'll be in my third lesson. So simplifying and then strategic and like a strategic plan came to me as well. So, and that's when Claire and I really decided like, okay, from here forward, this was like mid, mid 20, 22, decided, all right, we're going simple and we're gonna do strategic planning. And so that's what we started operating our business on, like into, it's a process, right? So it's a process to kind of go backwards a little bit. And so we're back to simple grassroots. It feels really good.


It feels really clean. It feels really simple. It feels really fun again. And so I just wanna encourage you, whether you're in the beginning stage of your business or you're five years or 10 years into your business, keep it simple. Don't over-complicate it. If it starts getting way too complicated, take a step back and say, do I really need this?


Do I need this extra software? Maybe for what you really want to do and accomplish, maybe you do need it, okay? But maybe you've put three things together. If you're operating from now, I, I know a lot of my students are like, I use Wix, it's a free platform. And then they wanna integrate all of these other things.


They wanna be able to have a course on it and a community on it and do emails and all of these things. And by the time they've pieced it all together, they have all these different integrations. Maybe they're even paying a ton, like it's not free anymore. They've had to pay for these plugins and all of that. Keep it simple. Like one simple, if you're doing all these integrations, move over to a platform like Kajabi and just use one platform. I know Attract Dwell is another one that our community uses a lot. So just use one simple platform, okay? If the process, and think about this too, I'll just add this other little nugget before I go into number two, simple is best for your business.


And also on the flip side, if you're like, cool, my business is simple, I'm good. Think about your customers. Simple is always best. If you over complicate your customers, it's too much. They're gonna get overwhelmed. They're gonna pull away. They're not going to follow through on what you want them to follow through. Things have to be simple.


Even Claire and I now are looking at some of our programs and taking feedback from our students and we're like, okay, the way that we've presented the worksheets, it's, it could be simpler and simpler, could be easier for them. And if it's easier for them, they're gonna complete them without frustration and headache. And so we're, we're revamping something, taking a cleaner look at the things that we're doing for our students on the student experience side and simplifying for them. Launched a brand new program for the GROworkspace community on planning for 2023 with a really simple approach. And people are loving it. They're like, this has been amazing. Like literally, I think I will record it. It's probably maybe an hour and a half worth of training and videos.


It's not an extensive, massive program. It's a very simple program, a simple concept that I'm teaching. And there's been massive shifts for people. So simple is incredibly effective. So when you're approaching your business from a CCE as a ceo, remember simple. When you're approaching your creations for your students and your clients and your customers, remember simple is best.


So that's the number, the number one, I guess no particular order of how these are, but that's the first thing to remember the lesson I learned. Keep it simple. Your business for your customers. Okay?


Don’t Forget About The Basics

  Number two, don't forget about the basics, the foundational pieces, and continue to take actions on those foundational pieces, the basics, the things that you do when you first launch your business, right? Like, what are the things that we're doing? We're getting clear on our ideal customer, we're building our email list and we're creating offers for that email list and new offers, okay? For your network marketers, maybe your offers are your products. Maybe you're offering different products, or they're repeatedly buying the products for coaches, course creators, your creatives out there, you are, you're building your list and you're creating an offer, and then you're creating the next offer. And then you're creating, creating the next offer while still constantly creating content to build your audience, to build your email list and to sell and serve to them. Okay? That's the basics. And that's what you should be doing on repeat over and over and over again.


Again, if you're in the beginning, that's what you focus on. If you're five years in, that's what you focus on. If you're 10 years in, that's what you focus on. And just as your business grows, you end up maybe developing other offers because you have new interests. I'm writing a book, like it's a big undertaking. We are launching, you know, a new version of a program. Like I'm just taking the simple basics, the basic things and continuing to dispo on that. You know, and this lesson came from forgetting about those things and kind of focusing on maybe just offering creation and not so much looking at, you know, continuing to do some of the things like organic growth strategies and building the email list.


Like that kind of stalled out and I was just creating the offer. But we wanna continuously build our customer base and then also continue to build new offers so we can lead our people along the journey. Okay? So if you're in network marketing, even if you've been at it for seven years, continuously finding new customers, not relying on your brand partners, your leaders, your coaches to just be building your team for you with fresh new people. You too need to be out there looking for new people, building your audience, building your email list, signing up new customers. Because the truth is, and I know I've seen it in, in the different network marketing communities, there's been a lot of people that have stopped doing their network marketing business for one reason or another.


There's so much going on, they're overwhelmed or having hardships in other places, and they don't have the emotional capacity to re invest in their business. And so they stop doing it. Well, if you're in this type of business model that affects your business. And so if you have totally halted and stopped bringing in your own people and your coaches or your brand partner stopped doing the same thing, your business is gonna go down. But if you think about this lesson I learned, don't forget about the basics. Continue to do actions for your foundational pieces. No matter how far you are into your business, your business will keep growing. Same if you're not in network marketing, you know, business owners just constantly looking at, at new offers and not going back to the basics like I was.


And, and think about like, okay, is the organic strategy we had in place still working or the lead list generation still working? And that kind of leads me into number three. So before I get into number three, just a reminder on the basics, what are you doing? If you're not creating a blog or a podcast or YouTube videos yet, think about how you can work that into 2023. Incredibly important to create some long form content. It could be a five minute video, it could be a 10 minute video. Do you, does your audience want a long hour video? Whatever your audience wants and needs, okay? Are mostly what they want first, also what they need. And create those blog posts, those podcasts, those YouTube videos to get content out there to build that no, like, and trust factor to build your audience. Have that freebie so you can be building your email list. And then those offers that you can keep selling the offers and be doing those three, constantly be bringing in new customers and constantly serving your existing customers with continuous products or new or new offers.

Track and Follow The Data

 Okay? Number three, track and follow the data. This was a huge one for me. It's something I will say that I have always struggled with. Not like, because I don't come from a tradition, like I went to business school and I got my mba, like that's not me. I went to school to be a nurse. I learned about health and wellness and all this business stuff has been learned through, you know, the school of Google, right? Or experience trial and error. And so data, I think I had one, one class in nursing school about like data and analyzing data, but it was different data, okay? Not the same as taking a look at the numbers. And so, so many of us, like if you're an ideas person like me, you're like, I've got all these ideas, I just want to like do these ideas. The numbers, you might like numbers, but you might get overwhelmed with having to keep track of them and lose interest in them because you're just onto the next idea. That's kind of me. And so I definitely found myself in this place of, all right, memberships are down, and how long have they been going down because I haven't been following the numbers. And then you find yourself in this place where you're like, oh, how do I get myself out of this? Right? Or, you know, I've seen it so much with network marketing, like, oh, the numbers are going way down and they're going way down.


Well, have you been following and tracking the numbers? Have you been looking to see how many new customers are coming in? How many new, how many customers are on our rewards program? Oh, we've got, we've got the same. So here's an example of like, if you're looking at the data, the data helps you determine what actions to take.


So if you're not looking at the data, you're not gonna know what actions to take. So if you're looking at your business and you see, okay, the customers that we're bringing in the trends are following on track, we're still bringing customers in, but we're losing sales. So gosh, how are we losing sales? Let's take a look at, maybe you're in network marketing, you've got recurring autoship programs. Have you been watching that number? Take a look at that number. Ooh, that number is going down. Okay, my action is I need to put together a campaign or do some more education on this autoship program to bring that number back up. Or maybe orders like that, the average amount of your order is down.


So taking a look at that, if that is figuring out, hmm, why is this the case? How can we compensate for this loss in another area? Okay, let's bring in new customers. Let's focus on a new customer campaign, focus a little bit more effort and energy there. So if you're just kind of going about your business with your blinders on, it's gonna be really hard to get out of that quicksand. You're gonna find yourself stuck and kind of sinking because you haven't been paying attention. And then you're like in the quicksand and you're like, oh my gosh, how do I get out of the quicksand, right? Because I've just had my blinders on. So like being honest, taking a look at your budget for your business, right? What are you spending, again, going back to like the overcomplicated, we were spending all this money on all these different platforms and it's like, oh, the budget jumped way up. I wasn't really paying attention and so found myself in this place. Like, oh, okay, we're spending a lot on expenses. And so again, bringing it back to simplifying, what do we need? What can we get rid of? It's a hard thing to think about in your business. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions, sometimes you have to let contractors go. Sometimes you have to let employees go. Sometimes you have to let tools and, and technology go, right? But if it's not serving you and the business needs to lower expenses, you have to be a CEO and make the tough decisions. Thinking about data with methods that maybe we're working that weren't working, we were spending a ton of money on ads and then kind of over time while we were, you know, trying to track the data, it wasn't bringing the, the profit that we used to bring in. And so like making this hard decision of, okay, I think we're gonna stop ads now and focus more on organic strategy until, you know, there's a shift. Or we can figure out maybe we need to be on a different platform for our ads. So, the whole idea here behind this is like track and follow the data. That was just a big lesson that I learned that I found myself into some of these little pockets of like, Ooh, we're spending a lot more money than we were, and why is that? And do we need to keep doing that? And so just getting honest, if you're not following the data and tracking budget, customer base, your p and l, your profit and loss for the month, are you looking at that every month? Your profit and your loss for your business?


If you're not, it's time to start looking at that. And sometimes when things are going down, you kind of just wanna close your eyes, put those blinders on and be like, maybe it's just a dream, but it's not. And as a CEO of your business, you have to get honest with yourself, get honest with what's going on in your business, and then look at the data, track the data and take actions to get the results that you want. Okay, so those are the three things, the three lessons that I learned. Simple is best. Don't stop doing the basic foundational actions in your business that lead to a bigger audience. List building and profits. And three, track and follow the data and then base your decisions off of the data.


Don't just use intuition. I love using your intuition for your business. It's how I launched my business, how I grew a ton of my business. But there's this balance between going leaning in with your intuition and then using data to support your actions as well. And it's kind of this beautiful magical marriage of the two that I think can make people really, really successful. Using the data to make decisions and then also using your intuition to kind of figure out which one should we focus on first, okay? So if you're someone who's energetic like using the energies and your intuition, like I don't want you to stop using that. I just want you to bring in some more data driven analytics to help serve your business.


All right? So think about your year 2022, January until now. What stands out for you for the things that went really well in your business, things that you really enjoyed, things that brought you customers that you really loved and resonated with, maybe things that brought a lot of prosperity into your business. And then I also want you to think about some of the bad things that happened in your business.


And then I want you to reflect on these things and think about maybe any lessons that you learned that you could bring into the new year. Because I learned my own lessons and I just shared them with you on maybe these things that you could also implement into your business when I'm focusing on in 2023. But what were the lessons that you learned and what can you bring into the new year to grow your business?


How can these lessons make 2023 a year of growth and prosperity? Quick reminder, if you didn't see the email yet, we are offering a holiday special on our done for you services. If you book your service before the end of the year, if you have a list of to-dos when it comes to copywriting design, no time to do it. Or maybe you just don't wanna mess with the tech.


Maybe you're like, tech is just not my thing. Design is just not my thing. Like I'll write my copy, but like someone please put it together for me. That was, that was me and why I brought Claire in. Or if you're like me, I just can't write like this is too much. I don't even know what to do or what to say, we can take care of it for you. You can hire my team of copywriters, designers, tech gurus that I use for my business and what we used in the, the team that we use to help our students. And you can hire us to do it for, from a simple logo design. If you just want a logo or a brand or a website refresh or you want a freebie created, maybe an email funnel written or set up, or if you want your whole website written and designed. Cause you're like, I gotta get online in 2023, we are here for you. So just hop over to the Krissy Chin dot com under the Work With Us menu, you will see a done for you services. Go ahead and click there, you'll see some more information about it, and then you can fill out the form, let us know exactly what you're looking for, and we will send you a custom quote. And again, we've got specials for those that book with us before the end of 2022. So time is running out. We only have a couple spots open to get started early in January. All right, we will be back in January with season number five.


We have some exciting things coming in 2023. I'm planning on launching my book. Please hold me accountable. Friends, we have a new program coming, all good things from us in the new year. And while I am not trying to rush the holidays away, I am very excited for 2023. So I want to wish you a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah.


Happy Kwanzaa. Do not forget to ease out of this year. Give yourself some grace. It's been a long year, although it has flown by. It's been a lot I know for a lot of people. And ease into the new one and done is better than perfect. So go take some imperfect action today and I will see you here in the new year.





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