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Badass Is The New Black (Season 4) Episode #3- 8 Ways To Shift Your Mindset For Success

mindset Mar 14, 2022
BNB 3 | 8 Ways to Shift Your Mindset for Success

Let's talk about having an entrepreneur’s mindset. There are certain aspects about how entrepreneurs think that served them really well in building their business. I'm going to go through my top eight entrepreneurial mindsets that have really served me well and I know will be really helpful for you to embrace as well.




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8 Ways To Shift Your Mindset For Success


1. Don’t Give Your Power Away

The second you stop being yourself, you give your power away. The second you don't post something on social media because you might offend your mother in law or your coworker, you have given your power away. The second you doubt yourself because you read that nasty comment on your Instagram post, you have given your power away. 


I shared a really vulnerable post on social media a little while back and it was a split image meant to grab the audience’s attention. It was me and my three week old little guy snuggled up on my shoulder, and I was giving a little smile. On the other side, it was me in my current life.  I had my podcast headphones on, I'm in my office, and I'm smiling. On the side where I was holding my infant it said, “feeling lost” and on the other side, where I was super happy and excited, it said, “loving life”. In the post, I shared about how I felt really lost as a new mom, how I didn't know who I was anymore.  I felt like I had to rediscover myself in this new phase of life and I encouraged those who felt the same as me to rediscover themselves and to pursue things that really mattered to them, that their life didn't have to stop because they found themselves in this new phase of motherhood. 


I didn't say any of that to offend anyone. That was how I felt at the time and a story that I felt like I could share and help someone else who was feeling a little lost in that same position.  I received a comment on that post that felt a little like an attack or a little judgmental.  It suggested that I was not embracing my new baby, and that I was blaming my little baby for losing myself. In that moment, I could have gotten really angry, I could have felt really defeated that this woman did not like what I had to say. I could have let what she said prevent me from sharing other valuable stories for fear of offending someone. If I were to do that, I would have given her power over me, but I didn’t want to give her that power over me. It was really hard for me to share that story as I knew that some people wouldn't necessarily agree with me. However, it was the truth of what I was going through. If I had let that woman take my power away from me by not continuing to share my stories for fear of offending someone, then I couldn’t help the people that I was put on this earth to help. So that's my number one tip. 


2. Trust Yourself

You are going to have a lot of decisions to make in your business and it's imperative that you trust yourself to make those decisions. A few months back, I was sitting in my office chair like I am right now. In my beautiful office, the sun was shining down through the skylights, yet I was falling to pieces inside. I was feeling so overwhelmed. I was trying to run and scale one business and start two more businesses. I really started second guessing myself and everything that I was doing. I was thinking, is this how it should be during a launch? Is this even a good idea for a launch? Is this a good idea for a topic to teach on? Should I be hiring this part out? Is this a good person to hire?  I stopped trusting myself and caused this flood of second guessing that threw me into a heap of overwhelm. 


I literally just froze for probably about two weeks. I was working, I was doing the things and I was getting on my computer, creating content, but I wasn't really making any progress. I was stuck and I asked myself, “why aren't you trusting yourself right now?” Suddenly I realized that I was scared. I flipped this switch in my mind and I just said “alright Krissy, it's time to trust yourself.” I went to a validation tool that I use and I said, “alright, let's look for some validation that tells me that I can be trusted. Alright, I've built a million dollar business.


I've hired people before. I've hired good people before. I've hired people that didn't end up working out and guess what, my business didn't crumble to the ground.” Those things validated that I can make decisions and that I can make the right decisions. 


If I make the wrong decisions, my business won't burn to the ground. Worst case scenario, it doesn't go as I anticipate and I learn and I do better next time, right? BOOM, just like that. I made the conscious decision to not let my subconscious ruin this moment. I hired a copywriter. I got my email funnel started. I set up my masterclass. I launched. I created a launch schedule for myself and two weeks later I launched Build a Blissful Business, something that I had been thinking about for months and was dragging my feet second guessing everything I was doing because I wasn't trusting in myself. The second I switched my mindset and trusted myself, I took off again. 


3. See Failure Differently Than Everyone Else

The definition of failure is “a lack of success.” Now, the definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” So technically, if you set a goal and you don't hit it, then you fail, right? So you aim to make $5,000 a month and you don't, you fail, you did not hit what you were aiming for and therefore you lack success so you fail.


The definition of failure was not working for me, so I redefined it. I decided to look at failure differently than everyone else. The key to setting new definitions in order to change your mindset is to make it really, really, really hard to ever feel or encounter it. I'm going to give you an example. If I lived by the definition of failure as “lack of success”, then I would feel failure a lot. I set a lot of goals for myself, I set high goals, and I actually rarely hit my goals because I set them so high. But I redefined failure to be “anytime I don't learn something from lack of success.” So literally, every time I fail, by real definition, I learn something new. Therefore, by my personal definition of failure, anytime I don't learn something from lack of success, I actually never fail because I always learn something. All I have to do to hit that goal is to say, what did you learn? And boom, I didn't fail. 


So when Claire, my sister, and I launched our first business together, Mind Body Elevate, we had about 12 people sign up after our masterclass, we made a few $100 in revenue for that. We didn't sign up nearly as many people as we wanted and we didn't make nearly what we had wanted to on our first launch. I could have let it feel like a giant fail and decided to not try anything ever again to avoid that feeling of failure. But instead, I learned so much from that experience. I learned that the power of having a list before launching is huge. I learned that my heart really wasn't in that business at the time. I learned that you can make something that you're passionate about and monetize it. I learned that it takes a lot of work to grow something big, right? So even though we closed that business down, I don't count it as a failure because I learned so much from that experience.  I applied those things that I learned to build the next business which ended up being a million dollar business.


4. Be Willing To Take Chances

The ability to step outside your comfort zone and take chances is huge in entrepreneurship. I've taken hundreds of chances and some don't move the needle very much, and others move the needle a lot. But if I'm not willing to take those chances, then I'll never have the opportunity to hit the winners and move that needle forward. 


So when I was building my network marketing business way back in the very beginning, I wanted a resource full of professionals from various industries that were using the products that I was selling as a network marketer. So I went to teachers, chiropractors, nurses, hair stylists, massage therapists, you name it, I wanted them, so that when I spoke to or enrolled a professional in one of those industries, I could then point them to that resource. They could then hear from someone in their industry about how to use and sell the products from someone else other than me. Because let's be honest, when you meet someone or hear someone in your industry talking and using your lingo, you trust them a lot more. 


My background is in nursing. When I meet other nurses, we have this instant bond. So when you meet someone in your industry, you have an instant bond with them. Since this resource did not exist, I took a chance and I decided to rally the troops and to create it myself. I cold messaged a ton of professionals that were very successful in my network marketing company and I asked them to participate. Had I not taken that chance and asked these top leaders to participate in this organized Facebook group, the Essential Oils for Professionals Group wouldn't exist. This group serves over 40,000 people and adds value to 40,000 lives. It also became a group that I could market my other business to. GROworkspace didn't exist at this time when I launched that group and held that event. But because it was my group that I organized and put together, I was able to leverage the community in there when we launched GROworkspace. Had I not taken that chance to reach out to strangers and ask for help to make my dream resource a reality, I would not be where I am today. So be willing to take chances, because if you don't, you will never hit the wins, and you just don't know what those wins are going to turn into later. 


5. Embrace Your Creative Mind And Let It Wander

As entrepreneurs, our brains go down some crazy rabbit trails. The best ideas come to me when I'm in the shower and when I'm laying in bed when everyone else is sleeping. That can either be late at night or early in the morning, it just has to be quiet. So I realized that I think best during these times because it is so quiet, I can actually hear myself think. There's no kids running around. We've got a lot of people in this house so even when I'm in my office and the door is closed, it can get loud and noisy and it can be hard to focus. So I was working on a productivity session with my high performance coach and I expressed that it takes me a little while to get into the flow of something when I'm working on a project. We were discussing when I find it easiest to slip into that flow state where the ideas are just flowing and the content is just being created easily and naturally. I realized it's in those quiet moments late at night, or those moments in the shower where I'm just by myself thinking. 


So I decided let's leverage these evenings where my mind is flowing. If there's an evening where I'm not very tired but everyone else is tired and going to sleep, I will stay up. I will let myself flip into that flow and let that creation happen. I won't feel bad about staying up until one in the morning or two in the morning and then sleeping in because the reality is I got more done that night than I probably would have in those two extra hours of sleeping in. So if I know that I don't need to get up early and I can stay up late, I'll make sure to write down those thoughts that are running through my head so that I don't forget them in the morning. If I do have to get up in the morning, and I can't stay up and go down to my office and kind of flush things out, then I will definitely make sure to have something by my bedside, whether it's a pad of paper, or my phone easily accessible. That way I can grab it, jot the idea down, and then close it so I can go to sleep. Then in the morning, I'll open that up and I'll be able to get back into the flow a little bit easier. Once I started embracing the times that my mind is creative and allowed me to get into that flow more quickly, I found that I was a lot more productive. 


6. Be Willing to Look Dumber Than Everyone Else

If you're taking chances, you're trusting yourself and being your own teacher, you're bound to do a giant belly flop at least once. If you're willing to look dumber than everyone else, you will go farther than everyone else. 


My first Facebook Live, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know how to engage with the audience. Physically, I looked like a hot mess. The reason I hit Go Live was because I was willing to look bad in order to get better. I kept doing lives and one day I just sat down to record a quick video teaching other moms how to use their oils with their kids. I was about three months postpartum, my boobs were like these giant mini basketballs, I had no makeup on, I hadn't showered in days. Greasy hair, pulled back, glasses on, big giant sweater trying to hide all the things. That video got shared over 70 times and it was viewed around 3000 times which at the time was huge for me.  I was absolutely mortified because I looked horrible, but I finally did a video that people cared about. If I had not been willing to look dumb for the first 50 videos, I would have never done that one and got so much attention. That video really sparked my desire to do more and do better. 


7. Become Your Own Teacher

When you start your business, there's a lot to learn. Although you have me as a teacher and I believe that coaches or having multiple coaches on specific topics is a must have, I do think that having the mindset to be your own teacher can really go a long way.  When you experience something new, take time to reflect and teach yourself what you learned. When you don't have someone to teach you, take that chance and push the buttons to teach yourself those new skills. When Claire and I started one of our businesses, we didn't know what we were doing at all. We both had to go out there and we had to teach ourselves how to put together a website, how to upload content, how to add a payment processing system, and we taught ourselves how to do a lot of it because we didn't have formal training. So be willing to take the time to teach yourself. 


8. Be Coachable And Ask Why

While you should be a great teacher for yourself, it's also important to be coachable. Oftentimes, we can get set in our ways, we've done it one way for so long and we think that's definitely the way that it must be done, right? But what if it isn't? What if it isn't the right way, or the more efficient way? If you have a closed mind that doesn't let anyone teach you anything new, then you will limit your ability to grow in many, many ways. 


I have someone in my life that no matter how much advice or tips I give them, even if I'm sharing personal stories of what worked for me, they never change what they're doing. They have been stuck in the same spot for years. They're not coachable. They just keep doing the same things their way, how they want. They're not moving forward. 


I joined a mastermind group this year. There are so many reasons that I could give to avoid being coachable. I have a thriving business so I know better than everyone else. I

have these methods that have worked, so why change? But the reality is that while my methods might work, there could be something out there that's more efficient and more effective. If I'm too close minded to explore what my teacher has to teach me, then I'll find myself getting stuck at some point. I always stay open to what others are saying. If I don't agree with what they're saying, then I asked more “why” questions. Why don't I agree? Why do I think that my way is better? Why is their way going to be more helpful? These questions really helped me flush out what I might be missing and allowed me to explore that there may be new ways to improve.


Take some time to assess and reassess often if you're living in an entrepreneur's mindset. If you’re not, ask yourself how you can shift into this mindset more on a regular basis. 


I'm always trying to make sure that I'm living in this million dollar entrepreneurial mindset, and tackling my business with this mindset and approaching my life with this mindset. I want to remind you that I am inviting you to my friend Brad's appreciation Academy. Brad is a high performance coach. He's a personal development expert. He's helped 1000s upon 1000s of network marketers, coaches, small business owners, to really get a handle on their mindset and step by step training you how to reprogram your mind so it becomes a lot more intuitive for you to think in this way so you can be successful. 


You can get out of your own way and you can push those fears aside, those doubts that you're not enough and the fear of rejection so you really can build and scale your business to six figures, multi six figures, seven figures, multi seven figures, whatever it is that your big dream and goal is. 


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