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Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #10 - Millionaire Secrets to Having a Successful Business

mindset Apr 05, 2023
BNB 10 | Millionaire Secrets to Having a Successful Business

Are you looking for ways to make your business successful? Check out these millionaire secrets and learn how to work from home like a pro!



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Have you ever gone onto Instagram and you see these other entrepreneurs and it looks like they’ve got all their ducks in a row. Everything looks so effortless: the graphics they put up, the things they say on their videos, the posts that they create. It almost looks like they’re superhuman doing it all. 


And then you see people who are on the struggle bus. Or maybe that's you! You’ve been working at your business for a year or two. You want to speed up your growth but you are feeling a little overwhelmed with everything. You want to be able to help a lot more people but you just don’t understand how you would even have the capacity to do that. 


Comparison is the thief of joy

You still have passion for what you’re doing but it seems so draining you are already stretched too thin and you’re almost to the point where you keep questioning if success is ever gonna happen for you.


It’s not your fault that your social feed is filled with people that look like they have their stuff together. Like they have done everything right from the get-go. Because Instagram pushes those people to you because it’s so much more enjoyable to watch the people that know what they’re doing then the people that are struggling. 

And what these people have done, that you haven’t quite figured out yet, is they have cracked the code to how to get more time back in their life while converting more people to customers. Because when they get more time back from doing the day-to-day business stuff. It created more opportunities to spend with their family and their friends doing the things they love, like taking the kids to a water park, going on a girl's weekend to wine country, or going on a hike in the mountains. And taking videos along the way so they can show you all the cool things they are going to do! 


They know the secret to draw someone into their space, inviting them to come along the journey with them, and how to turn them into paying customers on autopilot. 


What is the secret system?

Because being able to do this process in an efficient way is what allows them the time to travel more. The time to take Friday off and check out for a long weekend. It’s what allows them to wake up to sales and generate the income that allows them to be able to take these extra trips, get a new car or renovate their kitchen to be their dream kitchen.


These kinds of systems allow them the freedom to hire cleaners to come once a week and a service to maintain the yard so that they don’t have to do those things that they don’t love that sucks up their time and pulls them away from their family. 


The people that you see on IG that have it going on didn’t just learn this by themselves. They learned from coaches, and mentors that have taught them the skills and strategies they used before them. 


Because successful people understand the importance of turning to coaches and mentors to help them speed up the process. 


How long will it take? 

Because you can 100% figure this stuff out on your own through many years of trial and error. But when you do this all on your own, there comes a point where you get tired and burnt out from trying it and messing it up so many times that you want to give up. Or you get to a point where you haven’t been able to make the financial gains you have needed and so you have to make a choice. Am I going to quit and just focus on my day job or am I going to do something different to actually help me get the results I have been looking for. 


And my hope is that you choose option number 2! That you aren’t like my dad 50 years ago with the crossroads of Am I going to give this entrepreneurial thing a true honest go or am I going to give it up and just stay in my secure job to support my family. And he chose the latter. He chose to close down his homesteading soap business and just be a pharmacist. And for the next 40 years he suffered. He went into a job he hated which paid him enough to take care of his 4 girls and wife. But didn’t leave much extra for anything lavish. And he retired ready to FINALLY pursue his passion of inventing and after just 3 short years he passed away. Before he could ever really turn anything into a success. And he made this sacrifice because he wanted to provide for his girls. He wanted to do the SMART thing. But what happens when your job just decides to let you go. Or you go into a recession and they have to cut ½ their employees. Your secure job is not so secure. 


And so I HOPE that if/when you are at that crossroads to quit pursuing your passion or to keep going you keep going. But what I hope most of all is that you seek out help. Because you can’t afford another 3 years of trial and error. 


Because if you do that you will get burnt out before you ever reach that finish line. 


And this is one of the differences between struggling entrepreneurs and million dollar CEOs - MIllion dollar CEOs invest in themselves and their businesses by learning from the greats. 


Learn from the greats

If you want your kid to learn how to swim, you teach them or you hire a swim teacher to teach them. And if you want to teach your baby how to float on his back you hire a trained professional to throw your baby in the water! 


There are SO many things in life that we hire support for to teach us the way. And so if you want your business to be successful. If you want to get more time back so you can spend your afternoons helping your son or grandson play baseball or learning how to cook then you need to hire someone who has been there, done that to teach you their ways. 


It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to build a 7 figure business! You didn’t go to business school. And if you are in the health profession you have spent countless hours getting certifications and continuing education credits to learn more so you can help your clients. But what lacked in all of those trainings was leaning effective marketing support. Effective strategies on how to set up your business in a way so that you can save time. So you can wake up in the morning and see a new sale or 10. Or maybe you did learn some of those things but they were strategies for the early 2000. It is 2023 and we have the internet and social medial and youtube and a whole new way to market your business and reach people ALL over the world. And this stuff changes fast! So if you aren’t keeping up on it you will start implementing strategies that are long gone. 


So if you want to have that blissful business that allows you to retire your partner so you can travel the world with your kids. Or spend a month doing mission work while still generating money.  Or help thousands of people around the world so you can make a greater impact, then spend time with people that know what they are doing. 


And ya know what. I know you are already that kind of person that is willing and interested in tapping into the great's to help teach you faster ways because you are here! You are listing to this podcast episode so you already know the value of having someone teach you! 


So with that, I want to invite you to a special masterclass I am teaching for people just like you. A business professional that wants to find more people online. You want to have a successful business because you want to help more people. You want to make a difference in more lives and you also want to learn how to make a GOOD living doing it! You would LOVE to take your family skiing in the winter and out to enjoy the beach in the spring and you need the extra income to do that. You want to spend more afternoons with your loved ones. Not worrying about all the little things in your business that didn’t get done. You want a much more efficient way to educate your community and to turn them into paying customers. 

You want people to know you exist! And You are tired of being stuck. Tired of not knowing what to do. Tired of not knowing the strategy, the tech to do it. 

So I am going to do that. I am going to be that person for you. To show you exactly what I have done to create a multimillion dollar business that allows me to work less than part time hours. I am going to share the secrets with you in our upcoming master class.

  • Discover the 6-figure CEO’s secret to doubling your leads and sales while spending most of your time with your family.  
  • I’m going to show you the sneaky hidden obstacle that prevents struggling business owners from turning their prospects into paying customers (and exactly what to do about it).  Because if you can’t bring people into your ecosystem and turn them into paying customers, you do not have a business, and you cannot make an impact in a deeper, more transformational way.

Right? If you spell wellness products, you can verbally teach people how to live a healthier life and that can go so far but if you can’t get them to become a customer to purchase your products and consume your wellness products, they can’t have a deeper transformation. 

  • The single greatest key to getting back 4 more hours each day while scaling your business to 6 figures and beyond. (Yes, that is actually possible for you - no matter your circumstance!) With these 4 extra hours a day you can spend it going to a fitness class or planting flowers in your yard. With this new found time You’ll be a lot less stressed about toting kids around after school to all of their activities because you won’t feel like you have work looming over your head wondering how you’re gonna get it all in

Instead of sitting on the side at dance class with your face in your phone, your phone can be in your purse and you will be watching your child or your grandchild learn to plea. 

  • And you will learn how to confidently automate, streamline, and systemize your business without knowing a thing about technology.

In 60 minutes, which is how long the masterclass will be, you are going to understand SO MUCH MORE about your business and how you can make lasting change. How you can adjust your ankle to stop the knee pain - rather adjust your business to stop this cycle of constantly getting stuck, feeling overwhelmed and like you know there is a better way you just don’t know how to get there.  

Why am I sharing this when it is a MONTH away? Because I want to give you PLENTY of time to rearrange your calendar to make sure you can SHOW UP LIVE! While I will have a replay for those that register, Showing up live will make the biggest impact on your business! So do what you can to free up your calendar April 25th 1-2 pm est 

The link to save your seat will be in the show notes, below this video if you are watching on youtube. Or you can type in to save your seat! 

Until next week when I am back here with a new episode, go out there and take imperfect action




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