Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #13 - Powerful Client Testimonials from Build a Blissful Business

Apr 26, 2023
Powerful Client Testimonials from Build a Blissful Business

Today is an exciting day on the podcast because the doors are open to our signature program Build a Blissful Business, formally known as Digital Duplication Academy! 




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Over the last month if you’ve been listening to the podcast, I’ve been sharing some insights to help you prepare and help you understand if you should join this program!


Season 5 Episode 9 - We talked about is your business set up for success? And I gave you some insight to be able to identify if your business was set up for success and if you listened to that episode and realized that you were missing some key areas then I 100% encourage you to watch the replay of the masterclass that happened on Tuesday. 


Then in Episode 10 you discover the millionaire secrets to having a successful business, and were able to, once again, identify if you have these things set up in your business.


Do you have a proven system right now that allows you to draw in the perfect customer and turn them into paying customers and beyond that serve them in such an incredible way that they become lifelong customers?


If the answer is no, again listen to the MasterClass replay because Build a Blissful Business is a program you are going to want to join and you only have a few days left to do it.

And then in episodes 11 and 12 we talked about generating recurring revenue. Why it’s important if you are selling products to also have a digital offer, that’s going to allow you to scale and bring more customers to buy your products


I shared that this masterclass is for coaches, service providers, direct sellers, health professionals, and small business owners. And you can be someone who wants to launch your business and you don’t know where to start. 

Or are you already have a business you’re feeling a little too stressed with everything to do you don’t wanna sacrifice time with your family but you want to have success and you’re just wondering if it’s even possible for you.


And it’s for someone who maybe has some systems set up and in place, you’re putting the automation out there, you have a process, but you’re not making sales.


There are seven key areas to your business, where it could be costing you a ton of money and a ton of sales, leaving money on the table at every moment. And I break these seven areas down in the masterclass towards the end, when I’m talking about the Program Build a Blissful Business

So I’m not gonna take a ton of time here to tell you about them because you can go listen to the replay and get those insights. Instead, I want to take a little time to share what some of our past Build a Blissful Business students had to say about the program.


So feel free to listen to what they have to say. You already heard from Lisa and Allen, one of the amazing couples that were in the program last week, and how they used build a blissful business to take two websites, two businesses, two offers, and blend them into one business and two offers that attract the ideal customer that will want to buy both. And they shared that before BBB they felt overwhelmed with so much to do and not enough time and after BBB they feel excited. They have so many ideas and we simplified the entire process for them into one website, two offers and one ideal customer that wants both. 


After you listen to the other clients from build a blissful business go watch that master class if you haven’t already. I cannot wait to see you inside build a blissful business before the door is closed because we are not going to be offering this for a long time again, this hasn’t been open since last year. 

We reopened it, we gave it a new name, and we made it even better!


First student 

Kellie Bradshaw - 


Second Student

Megan Kuiper -


Third Student 

Jennifer Rush -


Fourth Student 

Carolyn Jones -

How incredible were our students?

If you are looking to launch a business online or you’re building your business, and it feels too busy like you’re always behind, you have a never ending to do list, you don’t wanna be sacrificing more time with your family and in fact, you want more time with your family and more revenue, do you want better systems in process and automation for your business?

Or you have systems and automation, maybe even a website but you’re not getting the sales that you want. You’re having a hard time turning your prospects into paying customers.

Then build a blissful business is 100% for you. You’ll find incredible value out of this program and I encourage you to go watch the replay to the master class that we held just earlier this week called "six figure secrets to increasing your sales while spending most of your time with your family" and then taking a look at the program that we have open right now, and seriously consider joining us so that you can have a blissful business. One that lights you up, one that gives you back more time, one that allows you to spend more moments with your family, one that allows you to bring in thousands of dollars every single week into your bank account allowing you to pay off credit card debt, take your family on the dream vacation to Bora-Bora that you keep thinking about every time you watch couples retreat! 

Go watch the Masterclass, and I will see you inside Build a Blissful Business! 


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