Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #16 - Ask Me Anything: Do I niche down or stay broad?

May 24, 2023
Ask Me Anything: Do I niche down or stay broad?

This week I'm answering another question from my audience on narrowing or broadening your niche and getting crystal clear on who your audience is. You can submit a question for the podcast by visiting my site at



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Today on the podcast, we're revisiting the Ask Me Anything series where someone that listens to the podcast records a question and sends it in, it's super easy. You go to the website,, scroll down to the podcast, hit record, record your question, submit it, and then I answer. So today on the podcast we've got Tate who's gonna ask her a question here shortly and I'm gonna answer and we're gonna talk about niche-ing. Why is it important to niche down? How does it affect your business? When do you do it? When do you go more broad?


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Hey Krissy, this is Tate. I am one of your B B B students and by the way, loving it. It is awesome, everything I needed and I have a question for you. So my business is called Nutrition Uncaged. I am a dietician, diabetes educator, health coach, and I am helping nurses basically prevent or reverse their type two diabetes. Where I'm at in my business is I'd like to get some affiliate programs in there to help drive my business.


Question from Tate

“I'm new to this. So my question is, do I narrow the niche like I did with the program that I serve, the program that I have, or do I broaden it more to like a full nutrition and I'm not sure which one to do. So I'm looking for your professional opinion on this and that's the question that I have. So hopefully you're having a great day and I appreciate your advice.”


Tate, I love this question. Thank you for asking it because it's a really popular one and a lot of people struggle with niching down or knowing when to niche down or when to go broad and I hear it time and time again. You’re a dietician and you help with nutrition and so you could help a lot of people with your knowledge, but when you don't get really specific and honed in on who you wanna talk to, who you wanna serve, you end up speaking very broadly. This does a few things that affect the success of your business when you speak to people in a very broad manner. And so people have a hard time really knowing and understanding if this is for them.


Or the other thing that happens is when you're really broad but you actually really wanna be working with a very particular person, you're just too afraid to actually say, I really just wanna work with this type of person dealing with this, looking for this outcome is that you're broad on all the things that you do, your website and your social posts cuz you've got this nutrition knowledge and you're speaking very generalized about eating better and getting healthier. And then you go and release a program that is to help people reverse or prevent type two diabetes.


You’re going to have a whole host of people on your email list who aren’t interested.  And then they're not gonna jump into your program. So you're gonna have wasted a bunch of time kind of being broad and trying to include everyone and then have this offer that's a bit more specific to help someone with a very particular outcome and they're not gonna be the right people.


You'll Still Attract People Outside Your Niche

So I love that you have made this decision to speak to nurses who want help preventing or reversing their type two diabetes. It's very specific and don't let that scare you because there are so many nurses out there and so many nurses out there that can use support in this area. And because you're speaking to that audience, you're gonna use examples that resonate with that audience. You're gonna use language that resonates with them and use examples of where they're at and where they wanna go that resonate. And they're gonna say, yes, this is exactly what I need and they're gonna jump in. It's gonna be very clear that you can help them with this problem that they're having.


The great part about it is that even though, let's say you speak to nurses specifically, I'm almost a hundred percent positive, we'll say 99.9 cuz you know, but I'm pretty positive that you're gonna attract people that are even outside of this nursing space.


 They're gonna see you talking, sharing your message about people who want to prevent or reverse their type two diabetes. And that's gonna be the main thing. And sure you could be targeting people that are nurses, health professionals, you know, but that's kind of the main message there. 


People are gonna resonate even if they're not a nurse, if they're working a hard shift or maybe they're in the healthcare profession and they have similar tendencies. Maybe they're in the care profession, maybe they work at a nursing home and they're not a nurse, maybe they're in this profession of being the caretaker for someone. It could even be someone who's a parent or something and they're the caretaker for maybe a child with disabilities and they resonate with the message cuz you're talking about caring for other people and not taking care of yourself, right? Someone else is gonna resonate with that, that is not necessarily a nurse. And because there's lots of examples that you're giving and they're resonating with multiple, they're not gonna say I don't think this is gonna help me.


They're gonna still jump in. So I think you're gonna see that you will attract some people that are not nurses. But what I love about getting specific, at least at the beginning is that you get very clear and as a person who's starting out in the marketing space, getting online, starting to craft your message and get clear on your message and what you're putting out there on your website, on your emails and your social media is that it's actually gonna become quite easy for you to create that content because you are very clear and honed in on who you're talking to and the kind of examples that you want to use to show them that you can help them and serve them. And so it just becomes a lot easier in the beginning to kind of niche down a little bit more.


Clarity Has a Bigger Impact

Even though you might be scared that you're excluding people, it becomes a lot more powerful and impactful and people actually resonate more and they can come to your social or your website and read what you're talking about and be like, “oh my gosh, Tate's talking to me. She's literally describing my life right now and so I know this, this is for me.”


So not only are you attracting the right person that's gonna come into your space through your website and join your email list, they're gonna be the perfect person to move on to your program, right? Because it's the same messaging that you're using in every space that's gonna lead them right to the program as opposed to if you're speaking very broadly about nutrition everywhere else and helping people with nutrition and then you're like, and now join my program to help prevent and reverse type two diabetes. They would be thinking but I'm not pre-diabetic, I don't have diabetes. 


You Can Always Expand Later

And then you're gonna see the conversions drop. So don't be scared about niching down. The great part is you can always expand out, you can always change your messaging. Every time we do a launch, we tweak our messaging, we see the students that we attract in and we say, huh, okay, I think actually this is a bit more of our ideal customer, mostly because we know that we can help a particular type of person with their business and what they want to do more so than someone who's doing drop shipping, right? 


And so it's like, huh, I'm gonna tailor my message to be actually a little bit even more specific so that I can bring in the right people. And like this launch was just evident of that, that we brought in so many students that feel like just the perfect customer. And so when that happens, everybody's happy, you are happy because you're working with people that you really wanna be working with. They're happy because you are able to help guide them to get the best result because they really are the best client for you. And so it really is a win-win for everyone. And over time, I see this in so many businesses, as you grow and expand and start attracting even other people outside of the niche that you're speaking to, your message might broaden. 


It might broaden and that's okay. You might have other programs and offerings that are now more open to other people outside of just the nursing community and that's okay. But I think it's really powerful to be super niche and know exactly who you're speaking to so the messaging can be on point. So you can attract that perfect person, you can get great results for your customers, and have great testimonials to be able to share. And you will just see over time things will evolve and expand and listen, the things that you write on your website are in your emails. It's not in cement. It can be changed. You can go back and you can modify and you can tweak the messaging and expand your messaging when you feel like it's needed in time.


So great question. Thank you so much for submitting it and asking if you wanna ask me anything about your business, something that you're struggling with, something that you want insight on. Now is the opportunity to get some essentially private coaching from me through the podcast. And just like Tate's question, it's gonna be a question that a lot of people have. So it's gonna be super helpful and impactful for you to share your question on the podcast.


To do that, you go to and scroll down till you see the podcast, there's a little button to record your message. Record, tell me your name, tell me your business, who you serve, what your question is, so we can give your business a little plug on the podcast. And I would be happy to answer your question.


Tate, thank you so much for submitting this question. Keep plugging along in Build a Blissful Business. You're crushing it in there. I love watching your progress. And that's it. We'll see you guys next week and I hope I have another question from someone out there listening that wants a little advice on their business. Thank you so much for tuning in.



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