Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #28 - The REAL Reason You Are Stuck in Your Business - Unveiling the Mindset Roadblock (Part 1 of 6)

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The REAL Reason You Are Stuck in Your Business - Unveiling the Mindset Roadblock

Are you tired of watching your business dreams stagnate, hindered by seemingly insurmountable obstacles? Have you been putting off important tasks, constantly citing the lack of time as the culprit? It's time to delve deeper into the root cause of this inertia and discover the real reason behind your business's standstill. Welcome to the six-week journey of uncovering the secrets to crafting a blissful business – a journey that could transform your life.



Part 1 of 6: The Mindset Barrier

Picture a business that seamlessly aligns with your ideal lifestyle, one where you relish each moment, surrounded by your family, indulging in your passions, and exploring the world. Sounds like a distant dream? It doesn't have to be. Building a blissful business revolves around shaping your entrepreneurial journey in harmony with your desired life, eliminating the wait for happiness.

As we embark on this six-week quest, the focus of the first week is squarely on the number one obstacle that's been holding you back – your mindset. Too often, individuals find themselves trapped in a cycle of planning, discussing, and envisioning their business's growth but struggling to take concrete action. Excuses of time constraints frequently feature in this narrative.

In summer, the pretext is that the kids are off school, and vacations beckon. As autumn sets in, school-related activities crowd your schedule. When winter arrives, the holiday rush conveniently occupies your time. However, the truth lies beneath these excuses – a deep-rooted mindset issue.

A clear indicator of this mindset block is when your calendar overflows with activities that hardly contribute to your business's advancement. Perhaps you've been longing to organize a revenue-generating workshop or establish an online presence through a professional website. If your schedule is perpetually jam-packed, preventing you from addressing these crucial tasks, it's not a time issue, but a mindset barrier.

Consider the friend who's been postponing the launch of her digital offer. Initially attributing it to seasonal bustle, she ultimately confessed that her hesitation stemmed from personal insecurities about her appearance. In a matter of minutes, her true predicament came to light, highlighting the transformative power of introspection and discussion.

Overcoming the Mindset Hurdle

To escape the clutches of this invisible barrier, it's essential to recognize that your excuses are merely surface-level diversions. The genuine obstacle lies several layers beneath – fears, doubts, and apprehensions buried deep within your subconscious. Your mind employs this defense mechanism to keep you comfortable, preventing you from venturing into uncharted territory.

By confronting these internal hurdles, you can pave the way for genuine progress. It's not your fault; it's a natural instinct. The first step towards success is acknowledging your deeper fears. Your aspiration to overcome these obstacles is evident in your pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement.

Are you caught in the cycle of waiting to be more confident before you take the leap? The truth is, confidence is a byproduct of action, not a prerequisite. Musing over an idea won't foster confidence; instead, it's the act of repeatedly engaging in those actions that will breed self-assurance.

The Power of Coaching and Conversation

A pivotal moment on the journey to liberation is recognizing the value of coaching and candid conversations. A coach can guide you through these internal intricacies, helping you navigate your mental landscape and transform your thought patterns. Engaging in real conversations, rather than passive consumption of podcasts or videos, allows for a deeper understanding of your psyche.

Recently, a participant in the "Build a Blissful Business" program experienced an eye-opening realization during a coaching session. After months of using busyness as an excuse, she realized she had been subconsciously evading the challenge of identifying her target audience. This revelation marked a turning point in her journey, unleashing newfound clarity.

Embracing the Journey

Embrace the profound impact of your mindset on your business's trajectory. It's not just about entrepreneurial success; it's about creating a holistic transformation in every facet of your life. The "Build a Blissful Business" program recognizes the fundamental role mindset plays and dedicates its initial phase to equip you with tools to identify and overcome these deep-rooted triggers.

Your mind is your most potent asset. The goal is to harness it to drive positive change, obliterate hindrances, and propel you towards the life you desire. The journey might be challenging, but remember, it's only through acknowledging your fears and pushing through them that you can build the blissful business and life you envision.

Join the Journey

If you're tired of being stuck in the cycle of excuses and yearn to transform your business and life, I invite you to join us on this transformative journey. The doors to "Build a Blissful Business" will soon reopen, and by joining the waitlist, you're ensuring you don't miss out on this opportunity.

Signing up is as simple as sharing your name and email address. As a waitlist member, you'll gain access to exclusive bonuses, including a private coaching call with me. This could be the first step towards shattering the mindset barriers that have held you back for too long.

Join the movement to craft a business and life that truly aligns with your dreams. Visit to secure your spot on the waitlist. Let's embark on this journey together, and together, we'll transform your dreams into reality.


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