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Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #42 - How to use your CRM the right way to make more money with Celi Arias

small business growth and marketing strategies Dec 06, 2023
How to use your CRM the right way to make more money with Celi Arias



Hey there, business enthusiasts! We've got some exciting news to share with you. In this blog post, we're thrilled to introduce Celi Arias, the founder of Grown Ass Business. Sally is not just a growth strategist, but also a mindset coach who's dedicated to helping ambitious entrepreneurs level up their game. Her unique approach focuses on mastering fundamental business building blocks, systems, and strategies to transform you into a world-class seven-figure CEO. We recently had Sally on our podcast, and the insights she shared were so valuable that we couldn't wait to dive deeper into her expertise. So, let's get started!

Meeting Celi and the Journey:

In our podcast, we had the pleasure of welcoming Celi Arias, and the excitement was palpable. Celi shared her journey, which began at the tender age of 10 when she embarked on her entrepreneurial path to fund her passion for ballet. From running a serious babysitting business to launching a fashion label in her twenties, Celi's journey was nothing short of inspiring. With four degrees under her belt, she transitioned through various career pivots, always maintaining her entrepreneurial spirit. Celi's journey led her to become a growth strategist and mindset coach, and she founded Grown Ass Business to share her wealth of knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs.

The Intersection of Strategy and Mindset:

Celi highlighted the importance of intertwining strategy and mindset in her coaching frameworks. Drawing on her extensive coaching experience, she emphasized that providing a clear action plan and strategy is not enough. Entrepreneurs also need to address mindset issues that may hinder them from implementing these strategies effectively. Sally shared that her coaching approach incorporates both elements, creating a holistic framework that empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges of business ownership.

The Need for Mindset in Entrepreneurship:

The conversation took an intriguing turn as Celi and the host delved into the significance of mindset in entrepreneurship. Celi shared anecdotes from her coaching experience, where clients struggled to take action even with a well-crafted strategy. This realization led her to understand the pivotal role mindset plays in the success of a business owner. Sally's coaching philosophy goes beyond the conventional approach, aiming to nurture not only the business aspects but also the mindset needed to overcome obstacles and thrive.

The Monies on the Table Training:

As a sneak peek into Celi's expertise, the host introduced the upcoming training session titled "Monies on the Table." This training, part of the Access the Expert series, promises valuable insights into optimizing your CRM system for profit. Celi explained that the training revolves around understanding and utilizing a sales pipeline effectively. She emphasized the need to go beyond using a CRM solely for email management and communication, urging entrepreneurs to harness its power for tracking leads through the sales journey.

The Importance of Sales Pipelines:

Celi demystified the concept of a sales pipeline, stressing the need to know where leads are in their journey. A sales pipeline provides a structured way to track leads, understand their actions, and calculate their value. Sally shared her experience from corporate sales, where even with advanced CRMs, a simplified Excel sheet often proved more effective. She has incorporated this knowledge into her coaching and created a tool that simplifies the tracking process for entrepreneurs.

Monies on the Table Tool:

The highlight of the training is the "Monies on the Table" tool, designed by Celi to help entrepreneurs identify and leverage the value of leads in their CRM system. The tool calculates the value of leads and provides an estimate of the potential revenue entrepreneurs might be overlooking. Celi revealed that the tool enables entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about where to focus their time, energy, and resources.

Do I Need a Special CRM System? An important question was addressed – whether a specific CRM system is required to implement Celi's teachings. Celi clarified that the training is adaptable to various CRM systems. While she provides a one-sheet tool for entrepreneurs to use independently, the principles can also be incorporated into different CRM systems. Sally's goal is to empower entrepreneurs, regardless of the tools they use, to unlock the hidden potential within their existing leads.

As we wrapped up the conversation, the excitement for the upcoming training was palpable. Celi Arias brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the world of entrepreneurship. The "Monies on the Table" training promises to be eye-opening, revealing the untapped potential within your CRM system. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting, Sally's insights can reshape how you approach your leads and, ultimately, your bottom line. Don't miss the chance to attend the training and discover the hidden treasure within your business!

So mark your calendars, save the date, and get ready to unlock the Monies on the Table with Celi Arias. Your journey to maximizing your CRM for profitable growth starts here!

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