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Badass Is The New Black (Season 6) Episode #10 - Google Analytics with Ange Quinn

small business growth and marketing strategies Mar 06, 2024
Google Analytics with Ange Quinn







In today's podcast, I'm thrilled to share with you some golden nuggets from my interview with Ange Quinn, an operations expert with over 15 years of experience in corporate management. Our conversation centered around one of my favorite topics – analytics, specifically Google Analytics.

Buckle up because I'm about to share with you the key takeaways from our chat and how they can revolutionize your business game.


Discovering the Power of Data:

Let's rewind to when Ange first dipped her toes into the online world back in 2016. She says, "Coming from a corporate background, I initially felt like a jack of all trades but a master of none. Little did I know that my expertise in operations would become my secret weapon. As I started assisting clients with launches and business management, I quickly realized the importance of diving deep into data analytics. Google Analytics emerged as my go-to tool for unraveling invaluable insights about audience behavior, marketing effectiveness, and revenue-driving strategies. It wasn't just about numbers; it was about deciphering the story behind those numbers and using it to propel businesses forward."



Unveiling Hidden Opportunities:

Picture this – a client investing hefty sums into Instagram marketing for their big course launch, only to find out that the ROI was dismal. How did we uncover this? Through the magic of Google Analytics. By dissecting the data, we pinpointed that a mere handful of people had clicked over to the sales page from Instagram, despite the hefty investment. This eye-opening revelation sparked a pivotal shift in strategy – reallocating resources to channels that were actually driving results. It's a classic case of working smarter, not harder. Google Analytics doesn't just highlight what's working; it unveils untapped opportunities waiting to be seized.


Empowering Informed Decision-Making:

Here's the game-changer – data-driven decision-making. Gone are the days of shooting in the dark and hoping for the best. With Google Analytics by your side, you can navigate your business journey with clarity and precision. From identifying high-traffic content to understanding audience demographics and behavior, every data point is a compass guiding you towards success. Want to know which marketing campaigns are generating the most leads? Google Analytics has got you covered. Curious about the performance of your latest blog post? Dive into the analytics dashboard for actionable insights. Armed with this knowledge, you're not just making educated guesses; you're making strategic moves backed by cold, hard data.



Google Analytics isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer for entrepreneurs seeking to scale their businesses and maximize their impact. By harnessing the power of data analytics, you're not just staying afloat – you're soaring to new heights of success. So, here's to embracing the data-driven journey, one insight at a time. Remember, the numbers don't lie – they're your ultimate ally in the quest for entrepreneurial greatness.

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