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Badass Is The New Black (Season 6) Episode #15 - How to Get Booked as a Guest on a Podcast

small business growth and marketing strategies Apr 10, 2024
How to Get Booked as a Guest on a Podcast





How to Get Booked as a Guest on a Podcast


Hey there, welcome back to another episode of The Badass is the New Black podcast, where we're all about embracing imperfection and taking action. I'm Krissy Chin, your host, and today we're diving into a topic that's essential for anyone looking to expand their podcasting horizons: how to become a guest on other people's shows. I'll be sharing my top tips on crafting the perfect pitch and getting noticed to land those coveted guest spots.

Let's dive in!


1. Do Your Homework When Trying to Get Booked on Podcasts.

First things first, before you hit send on that pitch email, it's crucial to do your research. Take the time to learn about the podcast you're targeting. What topics do they cover? Who is their audience? By understanding their vibe and content, you can tailor your pitch to fit seamlessly into their world.

I recommend checking out the podcast's description and recent episodes to get a feel for their style. Look for gaps in their content where your expertise or perspective could add value. It's all about finding that sweet spot where your message resonates with their audience.


2. Personalize Your Pitch To Stand Out Amongst Other Applicants.

When you are crafting your pitch, one of the most important things to focus on is personalization. While it's tempting to copy and paste a generic pitch, taking the time to tailor your message can make all the difference. Highlight specific aspects of the podcast or host that resonated with you. Show them that you've done your homework and genuinely want to contribute to their platform. Adding a personal touch can and will make your pitch stand out in a sea of generic emails. 


3. Use No-Oriented Questions.

My final tip revolves around a powerful tactic, ask a no-oriented questionsBy asking questions like, "Would it be ridiculous to be a guest on your podcast?" or "Would you be against exploring this topic on your show?" you're actually priming the recipient to say yes.

This subtle approach helps lower their guard and opens the door for further discussion. Plus, it shows that you respect their time and boundaries—a win-win for everyone involved.


4. Use a Website to Help You Secure a Guest Appearance

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a professional online presence, including a website and active social media accounts. If the host does not know you they are going to want to vet you. They will look for social media accounts and websites to "check you out." By showcasing your expertise on these platforms and mediums, sharing valuable content, and interacting with your audience, you establish trust and authority within your niche.

Because we know creating a website can feel overwhelming we created Build a Blissful Business to give you a step-by-step guide for creating a beautifully designed website and establishing your authority by having an online presence. 


5. Use a Press Kit to Show Your Value to Get Booked On Podcasts

In addition to your website, having a press kit will also help you to stand out above most. This comprehensive document serves as a professional portfolio, highlighting your accomplishments, expertise, and previous appearances. Including key information such as bio, headshots, testimonials, and relevant statistics, a press kit provides potential hosts with a comprehensive overview of your qualifications and makes a compelling case for why you'd be an excellent guest on their podcast. We have a beautifully designed Press Kit Template Kit available in our Template Shop and you can get $5 off when you use the coupon PODCAST at checkout. 


So, whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just dipping your toes into the guesting waters, these tips are sure to help you land those coveted guest spots. Remember, it's all about standing out, adding value, and making meaningful connections in the podcasting world. Happy pitching!


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