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Badass Is The New Black (Season 6) Episode #2 - BOOK LAUNCH- Living Your Dream Life

mindset Jan 10, 2024
 BOOK LAUNCH- Living My Dream Life

Welcome back to The Badass of the New Black podcast! I'm your host, Krissy Chin, and today's episode is a special one as we dive into the heart of my upcoming book, "Sell While You Sleep: Turn Your Knowledge into an Automated Online Business and Create a Life of Freedom." If you're watching on YouTube, you might catch the big smile on my face, and that's because this is, believe it or not, the fifth take of just the intro. Why? Because today's topic hits close to home, and I'm about to open up about my fears and the journey behind the creation of this book.



Let me begin by acknowledging the nerves and fear that have been bubbling beneath the surface as I approach the release of my book on January 18th. It's a podcast episode that I've been avoiding, and today, we're diving headfirst into the reasons behind it.

The fear became crystal clear when I unexpectedly found myself with strep throat. It dawned on me that the physical manifestation of this fear was a result of the subconscious thoughts surrounding the book's release. Sierra, a friend whose book was also launching, pointed out something profound – my book is my voice, my thoughts, and it comes from my throat. The realization hit hard, and I had to confront the fear head-on.

As I've been crafting a strategic plan for the book launch, setting up a launch team, and planning a virtual book party, the fear of how my book would be perceived crept in. The fear of not being good enough, of the book not being professional, of potential critiques from influential platforms like Forbes or Entrepreneur magazine haunted me. But here's the truth – I've put in the work, surrounded myself with professionals, and taken every step to ensure the book is as professional as possible.

One significant moment of relief came when a beta reader, a seasoned reader in the entrepreneurial space, shared her genuine excitement and praise for the book. Her words reassured me that the hard work and dedication I've poured into this project were paying off. It was a powerful reminder that, despite my fears, I had created something valuable.

The book, divided into three parts, serves as a guide for turning knowledge into an online business, automating it, and creating a life of freedom. Part one helps you visualize your dream life, part two delves into systems, processes, and hiring, while part three shares valuable lessons and mistakes I've learned over a decade in the industry.

The fear I've faced in writing this book is not unique – it's the fear of being imperfect, of not meeting expectations. But I want you to know that imperfection is okay. In fact, "done is better than perfect" is a mantra I live by. The book is a tool to help you achieve your dream life, whether you're just starting or have been in business for years.

As we approach the book launch on January 18th, I invite you to join the waitlist for exclusive benefits, including a free digital workbook, a goal-setting workshop, and entry into a virtual launch party where we're giving away over $5,000 worth of goodies. The journey has been challenging, but it's a journey I'm excited to share with you.

In the end, this book is not just about me – it's about empowering you to succeed and make a positive impact on the world. So, mark your calendars, join the waitlist, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.

Thank you for being part of The Badass of the New Black community, and remember, imperfection is the key to progress. See you on the 18th!

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