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Badass Is The New Black (Season 6) Episode #3 - The 3 Secrets to Reaching Your Goals at Lightning Speed

small business growth and marketing strategies Jan 17, 2024
The 3 Secrets to Reaching Your Goals at Lightning Speed





Today, I'm buzzing with excitement as I eagerly await the arrival of the author copy of my upcoming book. It feels a bit like the anticipation of a proposal – you know it's coming, but the exact moment remains a thrilling mystery.

As we embark on this episode, recorded on the eve of my book's launch, I want to share three transformative secrets that have revolutionized my life over the past year. These keys have not only turned my business around but also fostered deep connections with my husband and incredible women in my life. So, let's dive into the magic of unlocking your goals at lightning speed.


1. The Power of Coaching:

Jesse Eisler's wisdom resonates strongly with the first secret: "Coaches matter a lot." Drawing from a sports analogy, Eisler emphasizes the crucial role of a coach in providing a perspective beyond the tunnel vision of a player. A coach, focused solely on your business or goal, brings a clarity that can be transformative.

I pose a question to you: Do you have a coach in your corner, someone offering wisdom and a broader perspective? My journey in entrepreneurship spans over a decade, and I am thrilled to extend an invitation for you to explore coaching with me through my upcoming book. Having experienced various aspects of business, I am confident in sharing insights that can propel you forward.


2. Accountability – Your Key to Success:

The second secret involves the game-changing element of accountability. I share a powerful statistic: from having an idea or goal, you have a mere 10% chance of accomplishing it. However, committing to someone increases that likelihood to a staggering 65%. The key is having a specific accountability appointment, boosting your chances to a remarkable 95%.

As part of the book release, I offer you the opportunity to join a virtual book club, fostering a community of accountability and support. By investing in the book and participating in the club, you not only gain valuable insights but also commit to a transformative journey with others.

3. Harnessing the Strength of Group Support:

The third secret revolves around the immense power of group support. Reflecting on personal experiences, I share how embracing support in both personal and business aspects has been a game-changer. Whether it's a group watching trash TV and sharing laughter or a spiritual community driving profound personal growth, the strength of supportive communities is undeniable.

In the context of the book release, the opportunity arises to join a book club that goes beyond accountability. It creates a space for shared experiences, fostering a community of individuals on diverse yet parallel journeys. Through vulnerability and mutual support, this group can propel you towards your goals.


As I wrap, I extend an invitation to embrace these three secrets – coaching, accountability, and group support. The launch of my book, "Sell While You Sleep," serves as a gateway to a transformative journey. Let's work together to turn your knowledge into an automated online business and create a life of freedom.

If this message resonated with you, don't wait – mark your calendar and join the book club. Let's unleash your potential and achieve your goals at lightning speed. Remember, imperfect action is the key to working less, earning more, and enjoying life to the fullest.


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