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Badass Is The New Black (Season 3) Episode #19 Creating Fun Personality Quizzes To Attract More Leads With Linda Sidhu

small business growth and marketing strategies Mar 12, 2022
BNB 19 | Personality Quizzes

Are you one of those people who would gladly trade their email to find out what spirit animal they are, what celebrity they look like, or what their master craft is? There are a lot of others who would gladly trade their email for these fun personality quizzes too! If you aren’t leveraging a quiz of your own to grow your email list and sell more, it’s time you start thinking about it. Krissy Chin now brings in a quiz expert to give you some insights on creating a quiz funnel for your business, how to do it right, what mistakes to avoid, and so much more. If you want a bigger email list and a funnel that leads your customers right to an offer, then you need to listen to what Linda Sidhu has to say!


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Creating Fun Personality Quizzes To Attract More Leads With Linda Sidhu

Quiz Creator

I am a sucker for a quiz. I will gladly trade my email address to find out what spirit animal I am, what celebrity I look like or my master craft. There are a lot of other people out there willing to trade their email addresses for some quiz results too. If you aren’t leveraging a quiz of your own to grow your email list and sell more in your business, it’s time that you start thinking about it. I have a quiz expert here that is going to give you some insights on creating a quiz for your biz, how to do it right, what mistakes to avoid and a whole lot more. If you want a bigger email list and a funnel that leads your customers right to an offer, it’s time to read this episode with quiz expert, Linda Sidhu.


Let’s welcome Linda Sidhu to the show. She is a list-building expert who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that bring in new subscribers on autopilot. As a former pharmaceutical sales representative, she has extensive training in personality types, has taken the same methods that worked for selling products face-to-face, turns them into a framework that converts views to leads at 60% and crafted personalized marketing for her customers. When she’s not thinking outside the box or creating a quiz, you can catch her exploring the Pacific Northwest with her family and crazy puppy, Dakota. Welcome, Linda.

Thank you so much for having me.

I’m super excited to talk to you about quizzes, especially because I have been inquiring about quizzes. My network is saying, “You should do a quiz.” I’m excited to pick your brain selfishly for myself and then share that with everyone out there reading so that they can decide if a quiz is something that they should do for their business. Before we dive in, I would love to know a little bit of a background on how you’ve got to this point.

I was in pharmaceutical sales. I did that for many years. In my pharmaceutical sales career, I was trained heavily on personalities. We use the DISC model, Dominant, Influencer, Steady, Conscientious. What would happen is I would sit in my car day in, day out and visualize what this doctor’s personality was like. That way I could show up in a way that was more comfortable for them. My personality is I’m very nurturing. I like to see progress. I’m fast-paced. I’m a natural influencer because I care about how I show up for other people, this made perfect sense because I didn’t want to sell in a sleazy way. What would happen is I would visualize, “Dr. Krissy is very dominant. She’s fast-paced. I can cut the details. She doesn’t want to know that. I can offer a few options before I leave and let her make the decision.”

When I would show up in ways like that or the completely opposite personality where this person was a slower paced in a more thoughtful approach, they take their time to make decisions and yet maybe they are still very nurturing and people-oriented. Those people I would target for lunches. I wouldn’t expect them to use my products for maybe 1 or 2 years because it took a long time to build trust. I used these personalities and I was top ten sales every single year. I won the trips. I felt like I was doing it in a very considerate, non-sleazy approach. When I started to launch my business, it only made sense for me to create a quiz for two reasons. One, because I’m having a fun, outgoing personality. I like to have fun with my audience. I like to be fun myself. I am creative. I think outside the box.

For me, I thought it would be fun to create a quiz. Also, my ideal clients are very busy entrepreneurs. They are not the type that is going to download a PDF and work on it. They are not the ones that are going to want to show up, unfortunately, for a summit and be there for every single interview. They are going to want to have fun, take a quick quiz and that’s it. They get on my list that way. They had fun doing it. It’s almost like social media. How social media is super fun, where email marketing maybe is more thoughtful. When I created my quiz, it made sense to separate personalities. That is where I found out that not only did I have fun, create a way for business owners to join my email list but I was able to separate them and segment them into personalities, which then gave me the information on how I can show up for them and help them with their buying decisions. If I’m on a discovery call with a dominant person, I know it’s going to take twenty minutes. If I know that this person is going to be more thoughtful, ask more questions, maybe I set up the call for 60 minutes to better support them.

You are from pharmaceutical sales and now, you help people create quizzes for their businesses. You put that together. What I love is that you took what you learned in your previous professional life and you are applying it to the new journey that you are doing, this entrepreneurial journey of having your own business, helping other entrepreneurs create quizzes for their business. I love highlighting that. You didn’t create a course on selling pharmaceutical sales, which someone would think would be that natural progression, “Take what you are an expert in and then turn it into a course.”

You took this piece, this thing that you were good at that you learned inside this profession. You leverage that same skill to come over and build your own business, supporting other entrepreneurs. That is something different than the typical people that I will talk to who are experts. I’ve got a friend who is an actor. He’s an expert as an actor and he’s teaching people how to act. It’s like that natural next step. “I teach breath work and movement work one-on-one. Let me turn that into a digital course.” This is a little bit, not so black and white, which what you have done to transition but I love how it’s tied together through this personality work.

I didn’t know that was the right way to go until I created my quiz. Let me back up and tell you, I had no business creating a quiz because it was for an offer that wasn’t even validated. I always tell people, “You have to have a validated offer to create a quiz for.” I went out on a whim and created this quiz. What happened after that is where I felt the validation. I was like, “There is something here.” I created the quiz. It grew my email list from 60 people to 300% within 60 days. It’s uber fast and not only that people started sharing it, tagging me. I realized, “I created something shareable.” That was a way for people to get on my email list. Every once in a while, if I was on a show, if another entrepreneur would bring it up or put it in their Facebook group, all of a sudden, might my quiz would catch the wind. I would have about 60 more people join. I’m like, “What happened?”

Try to build trust; validate your clients and make them feel seen and heard.

It was because something happened. Someone mentioned it and then interact, the quiz company reached out to me a few months into my quiz. They said, “We need to get you on the phone because your conversions are higher than what we say is a good quiz. What the heck are you doing?” What happened was I told them my story about, “I divided people up into these personalities that make sense because of my pharmaceutical days.” He said that was brilliant. He had never heard somebody use their experience to turn it into a personality quiz. I did have a quiz. It’s usually 60% from views to leads but I had one go out that got up to 70%. When people view the quiz, they became a lead at a 70% rate, which was awesome.

Knowing even more of your story is an interesting evolution of this process. You start your business doing one thing. Over time, more things develop and more doors open. Before you know it, you are the quiz expert. Everyone is going to Linda to create a quiz. It’s super cool. Even getting into your entrepreneurial journey, you didn’t know you were going to be the quiz expert. It evolved. I can tell that you’ve got this open personality. You are open to new ideas and new things, trying things differently. You think outside the box. It’s like, “I want to take that.” I love that it’s led you here and that you get to share your knowledge with us. Before we dive into who should create a quiz, what they should be thinking about when they are thinking about creating a quiz, I would love to hear one system or process that you have implemented into your own business that has been a game-changer for you.

Ironically, we’re going back to quizzes. What happened was I also created something that was built on automation. This is pre-COVID. We had no idea this was going to happen in 2020. I had created a quiz. I attached a welcome series to it. That way, once someone took my quiz, they had fun with it. They’ve got the results. They went back to their email to find the results. First of all, a lot of people don’t do that with the average PDF download. It ends up never being opened. They go back and then they started to receive emails where I was trying to build trust. I wanted to validate them. I wanted them to feel seen and heard. My second email to them was validating them. Letting them know that they are in the right place.

I talked about how some of my lead magnets in the past had failed. Not to feel bad because I did this Earth Day challenge. What happened was I created this amazing challenge. I’ve got all these people to come to it. I went on vacation. I left the country. I sat everything up. I went to Mexico and then nothing went out. I didn’t have a computer. It was a complete flop. I had to do my Earth Day challenge. When I’ve got back, it was like, “This doesn’t even make sense.” I talked about that story. It validates people. It makes them realize they are not alone and that they had a flop. I shared more information about who I am and why I’m the expert at creating quizzes. I always like to have an email in the welcome series where I offer an additional tip or a quick win.

The last email is the next steps. Where do you want them to go? I created this welcome series. That was also on automation. What happened was you give your link to the quiz or people share your quiz and all of a sudden they not only took your quiz and they are on your email list but they’ve gone through a nurturing series all on automation. I didn’t have to do any of this. It’s almost like a welcome series in my opinion. If you were opening a restaurant, you had that first-person come into the restaurant, you show them around, take them to their table, offer a drink. All of a sudden, the night goes on, there are more and more people that are coming in and you can’t control it. That’s what a welcome series does. It allows you to control the number of people coming into your business to welcome and give them an experience.

Setting up that funnel, that leads magnet, which was the quiz, to that nurture sequence allowed you to do what you are doing on autopilot.

Bringing back 2020, when I had to take time off to spend time with my son, all that was working in the background. I realized I’m creating more balance and I’m able to be more present with my family, with my business. Interestingly enough, the people I create quizzes for, that is something they value. They transitioned from hustle mode into being more present and allowing more balance in their lives. A lot of my clients that I look back to are planning for babies or maybe have their third baby. In the end, once they have everything set up on automation, I’m looking at their Instagram stories and they are present with their family. I’m creating balance as well.

I’m a sucker for a quiz. I will take a quiz all day long to find out my personality type or what celebrity I look like. I will gladly give up my email for the results of that quiz. I'm such a sucker for it, I'm like, “There has got to be many other people out there that love quizzes.” I don’t necessarily just want this PDF that is going to tell me stuff, which is what I’m creating for people. I’m like, “If I love a quiz so much, I feel like I need to offer a quiz.” That was how we’ve got connected through a mutual friend, Emily, who’s been on the show. We talked about VA’s. You’ve got to read that one. Go read her episode as well. We’ve got connected and started talking about quizzes. I was like, “I have got to get you on the show because this is valuable.” Quizzes are fun. People are interacting with them. I wanted you to be able to share what people should be thinking about, who should be taking a quiz, what should we be thinking about when we’re doing a quiz, what are some mistakes that we can avoid making when thinking of a quiz. Is there anyone who shouldn’t be offering a quiz?

I always say that you should have a validated offer. When I talk about my own story, I’m like, “I didn’t even have a validated offer.” When I look back at that, it’s ideal if you have a validated offer because then you can set up something on automation that is going to work on your behalf. I have a client that set up a quiz. Within 30 days, she was making $20,000 because it was a validated offer. This course she was offering was only $297. You could have a mini-course or a big course. I’ve had friends of mine that I helped with quizzes as well who’s hired me, who’s had almost $100,000 launches. It depends on what your goals are.

If it’s validated, you can go after your ideal client because you know exactly who needs to take that quiz. That was helpful information. In my case, I didn’t know what I was doing. I just did it. It’s almost like the, “Start before you are ready,” approach and you will learn. What happened was in my case, I did it and then it revealed what was working and what wasn’t working. Full disclosure, I have gone back to my quiz and I’ve tweaked it. I’m getting ready to create a very new quiz that I’m going to target for the launch of my quiz course. Just because you create one, you can go back and change it. You learn, get more clarity and you can go from there.


Thinking about this whole validation process, if you are out there creating a digital course or you want to start a membership site. The reality is before you should invest all of this time and energy into creating that thing that your quiz will lead to, you want to validate it anyway. I pre-sold my Build a Blissful Business Course. I was just shy of a $10,000 launch with that and the course wasn’t even technically built yet. Pre-selling was a way for me to validate that this is what people want and people will spend money on. To your point, 100%, we should be validating what we were creating before we create it.

You should be doing enough market research on your ideal client to know, “Is someone going to invest in this membership site that I’m designing or this course that I want to offer?” If they are not, then you have no business even creating that sellable product. If you validated it to have sales in it, then great, you are at the point. Let’s get a quiz going. If you are in the beginning stages of creating everything in this funnel from generating leads to then selling to your product, if you are getting enough validation to validate that that product should be created, then you have the information to then create a quiz.

To your point, validating it any way that you feel is validated is going back to market research. You don’t just want to know what their age is, what name you are calling them, where they are shopping at and what Netflix shows they are watching. You want to know what’s holding them back from working with you. You want to know what they are struggling with. You want to get deep into what is going on with them because you can use that information not only for your quiz but for your course. You take that voice of the customer from your ideal client research. Essentially you could write your whole quiz with the voice of the customer. It’s important to do your research. That was the very first thing I do when I’ve worked with a client is I spent a whole week or more on research. Now that I’m getting ready to redo my quiz. I’m going to start doing research.

What are a couple of tips from someone that is ready to do this research mode that you give them to make sure they have good research?

I have an ICA document that I offer in my quiz where it’s ten questions to ask your ideal clients. I’ll give you three of the best questions right here. One is what are they struggling with when it comes to your area of expertise? The second question is, what’s holding them back from working with you and your area of expertise? The third question is, how would they feel once they achieve the results? If you are looking for me, how would you feel once you finally had a quiz created and a link ready to go?

I’ve asked this question before. I had someone say they would feel like popping champagne, popping the bubbly. “I’m excited to promote it.” I took that and used that language because you want a future pace. You want to focus on, “Where you are taking them.” Not where they are but, “Where they want to go.” Those are some of the best questions you could ask your ideal clients. This information can go into sales pages, quiz your creating, courses. It’s invaluable information to use your voice of the customer.

Do not be chintzy on the research. It’s probably the least fun thing for most people to spend time doing. We’re creators. We want to create that product. We want to get into it. Start doing our videos and start connecting with people. Research is the thing that has to be done to make sure you are not wasting your efforts. Besides spending time on research, which we know that we need to do, even though it might not be very fun, what are some of the mistakes that people make with quizzes or what we should try that we can avoid?

There are three mistakes typically. The first one is writing out quiz questions before writing the results. I always tell people to write the results first then ask the question so you know what result they were supposed to get because you can map it if you work backward. Number two is to include a welcome series. Sometimes I’ve seen people do quizzes and then that’s it. There are no information. There is nothing else. You’ve got a quiz, the result and that’s it. To take it even a step further, try to get their email address. I’ve even seen quizzes where people do an awesome quiz and they were not even asking for somebody’s information. That’s the point of it.

Most people know that but I thought I would mention that here in case someone’s not aware that quizzes are for growing your email list and getting somebody onto your email list so you can then sell to them. We’re all business owners. A welcome series is important. You want to build your know, like and trust factor. You want to introduce them to you. You want them to feel validated before they get dumped into your weekly newsletter. Have a welcome series. Last but not least, the promotion part. Many people have a quiz and then they don’t say anything about it. I’ve even had clients I’ve designed a quiz for and then it’s like, “I don’t even see them promoting it. What is going on?” Even though you have a quiz, you have to shout it from the rooftop.

You and I have a mutual friend as well that did a phenomenal job with her quiz. What she did is she kept seeding it. She kept telling her audience, “I’ve got this quiz. I’ve got this tool. It’s going to be amazing.” When the quiz was ready, she had a Facebook party where she had everybody come. She poured champagne. She showcased her quiz and took people through it on her Facebook group. Whoever took her quiz and tagged her on social media, would offer an Instagram bio audit or something. She gave something back that was phenomenal. This particular business owner shared it in her Facebook group, on Instagram and her email. She has a podcast. She covered all the bases and shouted it from the rooftop. In seven days, almost 500 people take her quiz, which I thought was off the charts personally.

You are starting your business without a list. You need a list and if you could grow it to 500 people, that’s awesome. Quizzes also are a great place to put in your Instagram bio. If you are intentional, which we build our businesses with intention here. What is the intention of the quiz? The quiz is to grab people who are going to purchase the product that the quiz ties to. You will want that whole funnel set up, quiz, nurture email sequence to sales sequence to getting them to purchase. If they do, then it’s the next thing in their journey. If they don’t, you have another sequence to then down-sell them. It’s this whole journey. It takes time to put together. If your intentions are true and you’ve got the quiz that will lead to something you are selling in your Instagram bio, in your little thing, you have a little hand down, “Take the quiz.” They can take the quiz. It’s a fun thing.

You can repel people you don't click with. Help them find somebody else that would be a better fit.

More people will click on it, “They’ve got a quiz. What’s this quiz about?” They click on it and it tells them what the quiz is about. They’ll take it. It will lead them down that funnel through automation and sales. Write the results first. Include that welcome series to build, know, like and trust because then that is going to lead to asking for the sale. They need to trust you, especially if they are perusing around on your Instagram. They see this quiz. Take this quiz. They don’t know you at all. Don’t forget to promote anything. When you are watching something new, it’s super important to shout it from the rooftops. Make sure that you are being intentional about the launch. Those are some great three tips for us. I’m curious a little bit about the results. You are the personality expert. Are most of the quizzes that you do personality-focused?

I try to do them personality-focused. Some entrepreneurs may not like that idea. You can get my full benefits when I create a personality quiz. The reason why is because I’m segmenting your list based on people’s personalities. I had done a quiz for a TEDx speaking coach. What happened was we realized she was a dominant personality and she was attracting people completely the opposite of her. This personality, 50% of the people were getting that result in her quiz. What we did with that information was we then realized it’s a slower pace person, very nurturing, thoughtful. What we need to do with this person to help show up for them in a way that is going to make them comfortable is share more testimonials, make sure that you are offering a low-risk guarantee or money back.

We took this information. We tweaked her sales page copy, which was brilliant because that way we were speaking directly to those people who were very heart-centered. These are the people who wanted to do a TEDx speech on climate change because they wanted a better future for our children. We tailored our message to those individuals. Not every entrepreneur is going to need a personality quiz but if you can do a personality quiz, they are the best as far as the audience loves them because it reveals information about them. Everybody loves that. It gives you an insight as a business owner on their buying decisions, which is amazing.

However, there were a couple of quizzes that I’ve done based on somebody’s offer that didn’t make sense. One particular offer this entrepreneur had been based on your age. They had different offers. We had to do a quiz where we had to find out their age. It was like a parenting thing where, “If you are in this phase, you get this offer.” I had to segment it in five different ways. It was based on where you are at in your parenting journey. The other quiz that I created was a coach that focuses on helping other coaches. Her audience was like, “Are you a spiritual coach? Are you an aspirational coach? Are you a mindset coach?” We divided it up based on how she offers and works with our clients. I look at your offers. I look at the work you are doing and see what makes sense on which way we go.

When you are doing personalities with the copy that you are writing, the words that you are writing in the nurture sequence, in the sales page, you want it to speak to them. If it’s a softer person, you are not so in their face because then they were going to be turned off. Is it important to the fact that you even have different nurture sequences written and you take each different personality down a different tunnel to that end result? Is it so dramatic that you would have to have a different nurture sequence or even different sales pages or not?

You can go down that road if you have the time and are willing to do that. The future of marketing is personalized marketing. I don’t think there are a lot of business owners that are taking this approach. If you have that information in time, essentially you could cater it to the people who are your ideal clients. I was able to reveal that the people who are wanting to be done for your quizzes are that dominant personality. Learning this information, your personality is essential because it goes back to even what lead magnet should you create for the people who are drawn to your business and your services.

That’s why I love quizzes because now that I know that my person is that dominant person, they don’t have time for anything else. They might want a distraction or have something fun. That’s how they get entered onto my list. To your point, I have never done a welcome series yet where somebody asked me to personalize it for each result. What I do is I do email one where it’s very personalized. We take the rest of the emails since it’s going to the same offer and use those to go to all four results. That is the quickest and simplest way to do it. However, I am planning on my new quiz to have it very personalized. I want to go down that road and see how it works almost like my own case study on myself. There is an opportunity to do that. That is a great approach if you have the time.

Generalizing things can sometimes be a problem. It takes work and effort. However, you could certainly take and you are probably doing this. The basic bare bones of that nurture sequence. You are modifying some of the languages within. It’s not like you have to create four different sequences from scratch. They are all going to the same place you know but you are changing the language a little bit if you have the time and energy. You have clearly have people that were finding great success without that initial welcome where it’s giving them the results and then it blows them into this funnel.

The other point that you made helps you discover who you are attracting because like you mentioned, that one lady, it’s very opposite of her. Knowing like, “This product or service that I’m putting out there is attracting this person.” It’s going to give you so much insight into your ideal client. Moving forward on all the things that you create and put out, you can change your messaging. Whether you change your messaging to then fit more of your client, you didn’t realize that’s who you are attracting or it’s a 50/50. “For these people, I’m attracting two very different people.” Maybe it is a little bit more personalized.

I hate to say it but you can also repel people that you don’t click with. For me, for example, I’m a high I. It’s hard for me to connect sometimes with that C, that conscientious data-driven personality. I know so much about personalities. I know not to ask them personal questions and show up in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Those personalities I’ve had a couple of discovery calls where maybe it was a doctor. They were like, “Can you do an assessment for me? I want to do a quiz but it’s an assessment.” I’m like, “I don’t think I’m your girl. I think outside the box. I try to have fun with it. I could refer you to someone else.” I’ve identified who isn’t going to work well with me based on personalities. I help them find somebody else that would be a better fit.


That was the idea. We want to attract the people we want. We want to repel the people that we don’t want so we’re not wasting our time and energy on them. It’s super enlightening. Thank you, Linda, for sharing all of this information. You have a free gift for our readers, Nail Your Quiz Idea in Four Easy Steps. Do you want to tell us about it?

I created this because it was the number one question I had from my audience. They wanted to know how do I create a quiz? How do I nail my quiz idea? What themes should I do for my quiz? What I did is I reacted to it. I created a very simple PDF download that is going to offer how to come up with your own quiz title or quiz idea in four easy steps. I have had people download this and crank their idea out. They have even said it’s better than a four-day workshop. This is the best thing to offer. Now that people have read this show, they are probably excited and ready to dive into what should their quiz idea be? Nail Your Quiz Idea PDF download. It’s worth it. Go check it out. Crank it out. Get your idea ready.

For our readers, where can they find you if they want to connect with you? Where are you hanging out?

You can go to my website, which is You can find me on Instagram @Linda_Sidhu_Quizzes. I love Clubhouse. I’m @Quizbiz on Clubhouse as well.

Thank you so much for being here. We will chat soon.

Thank you.

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About Linda Sidhu

Let’s welcome Linda Sidhu to the podcast, she is a list-building expert who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that bring in new subscribers on autopilot.

As a former pharmaceutical sales representative, she has extensive training in personality types and has taken the same methods that worked for selling products face-to-face and turned them into a framework that converts views to leads at 60% and crafted personalized marketing for her customers.

When she is not thinking outside the box or creating a quiz, you can catch her exploring the pacific northwest with her family (and crazy puppy, Dakota.)


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