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Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #42 - How to use your CRM the right way to make more money with Celi Arias access the experts business advice crm sales marketing Dec 06, 2023



Hey there, business enthusiasts! We've got some exciting news to share with you. In this blog post, we're thrilled to introduce Celi Arias, the founder of Grown Ass Business. Sally is not just a growth strategist, but also a mindset coach who's dedicated to helping ambitious entrepreneurs level up their game. Her unique approach focuses on mastering fundamental business building blocks, systems, and strategies to transform you into a world-class seven-figure CEO. We...

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Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #40 - 5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Sales For Black Friday boosting sales marketing strategy sales marketing Nov 08, 2023



Hello, and welcome back to the Badass is the New Black podcast! I'm your host, Krissy Chin, and today, we're diving deep into the exciting world of Black Friday sales. We'll explore how you can supercharge your Black Friday revenue without having to create anything new. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of Black Friday strategies, I have a special guest with me today, Belinda Rosenblum. She's a profit strategist and the founder of Own Your Money, and she's here to...

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Badass Is The New Black (Season 3) Episode #32 Ethical Copywriting And Sales Psychology For Customer Engagement With Stephanie White ethical copywriting fake scarcity fake urgency passion sales marketing sales psychology Mar 14, 2022

If you want to connect with your customers, you need to know how to engage with them effectively. If your only focus is to sell to your customers regardless of how you present your product or service, you're not doing your company any good. In this episode, Krissy Chin discusses powerful insights about ethical copywriting and sales psychology with Stephanie White. Stephanie is the founder of By The Way Creative, a copywriting agency for creative coaches and service-based...

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Badass Is The New Black (Season 2) Episode #10: Why Customer Experience Matters boosting sales business sales customer customer experience customer journey sales marketing Mar 12, 2022

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Why Customer Experience Matters

The way a customer experiences you, your brand, your business matters.   

And most times it is the reason that they keep coming back or going walking out the door.   

Customer experience is a major KEY in building a brand that is Brilliant.

We want to treat our customers...

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